Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"You Like to Wear Old-Fashioned Dresses, Don't You?"

 Dear Friends,

Last Sunday I was wearing this green ensemble in church, when I noticed a little girl staring at me. After a while she timidly said, "You like to wear old-fashioned dresses, don't you?" I replied, "I sure do! I love old-fashioned things." She smiled, and then said, "You sure like old-fashioned things!" "Yep, I sure do." :) I love candid conversations with children, who are always curious about the lady who marches to the beat of her own drummer. Maybe I'll inspire one or two to dress old-fashioned, too!
We still haven't had any snow here in Missouri, but the thermometer has dropped low enough to feel like winter. Last night when I was walking the dog I marveled at the multi-faceted jewels laid down by Jack Frost and his fairies. The glow of street lights gives frost a beautiful apricot glow, like snow clouds at night.

When the temperatures are a little warmer, we spend as much time as possible out watching the hundreds of birds congregating in the field and woods behind our house. When we are feeling hurried during the day we will either see a cardinal at the feeder or hear a white-crowned sparrow singing its sweet song, and we are instantly brought into a state of peace. Thank goodness the birds don't leave us when the flowers and insects do!

A mockingbird in a nearby cemetery~

 Grandma Cherie bought us a trampoline for an early Christmas present, and everyone has developed a sudden taste for spending half the day outside in the cold. Trampolines are a great way to exercise the lymph glands, that can't empty out properly without the help of large muscles. Plus it's a lot of fun!

The amount of popcorn consumed in our home seems to increase in proportion to the decrease of daylight hours; does this happen in your house, too?

The shapes of our pancakes have been more creative lately, too~ Winter is a perfect time to play with your food, since the more limited diet can become a little too routine.

 The children and Mr. Graham attented the tree lighting ceremony in Raytown lately, and enjoyed making crafts and going for a hayride around the block~

 Someone looks a little sleepy

We found a large pile of discarded juniper branches and gleefully brought home as many as we could, for use in decorations and to add to our winter stove-top potpourri. We like the use the berries in cooking, as well. They add a distinct, spicey flavor that goes well with vegetables and sauces.

We hope that you are keeping warm (or cool, depending on where you are), and that you are enjoying this special time of year with family and friends. Stay safe and have a wonderful week.




  1. Keep dressing in old-fashioned frocks, they look lovely on you! Thank you for the lovely package you sent-I enjoyed it immensely:-) Love the pumpkin pin cushion. Lydia couldn't stop touching it...LOL!

  2. Marqueta,

    You look beautiful in your dress. You are an inspiration.

  3. Dear Marqueta, I am so glad you march to your own drummer and are yourself. Your children are is benefiting from your example. Plus you look so charming xoox Clarice

  4. We awoke to -4.7 degrees this morning. A really hard, hard frost. The sort where you can't get the key in the car door to open up and get the de-icer out to spray on the windscreen! Must get more organised now that the temperatures are plummeting every night now. We even had snow yesterday. Received my lovely parcel, thank you, thank you. Dev x Isabel thanks Miss Audrey too.

  5. oooops forgot to say how very fetching you look in green. The trampoline looks great, but nothing would entice me outside at the moment! Dev x

  6. I love the old fashioned dress! Having 10 grandchildren, I, too love conversation with them. :)

  7. You look beautiful!!! ~Great pictures I hope you are enjoying the Holiday season it sure looks like it :) Love Heather

  8. I love your dress and you look so lovely! Old fashioned clothes is and will always be my favorite!!! Your pancakes looks perfect for children of all ages...how fun!!,grin

  9. I think your old fashioned green frock looks lovely. Dancing to the beat of your own drummer is a good thing. Besides, "following the crowd" is a drag. :)

    I haven't been on a trampoline in a long time. I'm just not sure if my stomach could handle that kind of excitement right now.

    Popcorn! Now there's something I haven't made in ages! Now since you mentioned it, I'll have to go and make me some . . . but just not right this minute.

    Blessings to you! :)

  10. If I looked as lovely as you, I'd dress in old-fashioned dresses also! How nice to find some juniper branches. Been scouting our neighborhood for some, as we need the berries for our traditional Christmas saurbraten.

  11. Dear Marqueta,

    How amazing! I was just reading your post when the mail lady pulled up with an actual post from you! xoxo Love the seeds and the sweet card! And you look beautiful in your old dress!!


  12. Others, besides the candid young girl, were probably intrigued to see that you have the courage to wear a pretty dress - even one that is old-fashioned. You might not see an immediate straying from the regular wardrobe - as the result - but I can guess that the influence of the idea is being "felt." Women have confided in me that they desire femininity. They just lack confidence to act upon it. But eventually some do - because of a lady like you.

    I love listening to a mockingbird.
    What creative pancakes you have.
    Juniper berries have a such a nice evergreenish fragrance.

    Happy Christmas,
    Karen A.

  13. I meant to leave a comment, but it seems to have "fallen through the cracks". I will have to try again: Lovely as usual!


  14. The loveliness of your beaming smile, and the confidence in the fact that you love to dress in dresses and 'old-fashioned frocks' is an inspiration to all of us my friend. You have no idea what an inspiration you are to me and to so many others. Thank you for the lovely card :-)

    In His Love,

    maria b.

  15. O..how lovely you look..

    Sending you all a big hugs..stay warm and stay happy!
    T.D and Company.

  16. I understand the love for dressing vintage, as I recently spent two wonderful days dressed in Dickens clothing. I could easily become accustomed to wearing hoops and pantaloons full time! I actually had you in mind as I was making my dress.
    I hope you will make the paper stars on my Christmas post, I think your children would love doing it.

  17. Such a lovely dress I love the shade of green. Children are so straight forward and honest aren't they?

    Trampolines are wonderful things. We have had two our first was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina since we ran out of our time to take it down. But we bought them a new one as soon as we could it was a great energy user when the wiggles were just took much a control :0)

    Hope your day is a wonderful one dear friend.


  18. By the way, I LOVE the fact that you love to wear dresses and old fashioned things! (Something tells me you already knew that, but I was quite sure it would not hurt to say so again!) :) <3 Daniel


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