Saturday, December 22, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Dear Friends,

We had a nice snow storm here a couple of days ago, and now it feels more like Christmas! Audrey snapped some photos of the beautiful scenery for us to enjoy~

We took a couple of hours last Friday to sing at a favorite nursing home; it's wonderful to have children old enough to play instruments and sing, instead of just looking cute. ☺

(Of course the little cute ones stole the show, anyway!)

We met one man that was one hundred years old; I was amazed to think that he was born just after the Titanic sank! It really puts time in perspective when you listen to someone elderly tell the story of their life. I always wish that I could spend more time with the folks in nursing homes, since they love company so much. Hopefully knowing that we cared enough to sing for them will be a happy memory for them until the next time we come to visit.

Today the children are preparing for their home-grown "Nutcracker" production, which they put on every year for the family. We're excited to watch it tonight, and hopefully we'll get some good videos this time to share.

Meanwhile, we'd better get those last-minute presents wrapped; Rebecca has promised not to peek!

We wish you a safe and happy weekend, and a merry Christmas to all of our frieinds.




  1. And to you my friend. May Our Lord be present always! mb

  2. Wish I had of been there to sing with all of you...may God bless you for your kindness...Christmas blessings everyone :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Marqueta. God bless you!

  4. So beautiful. Merry Christmas, I can just picture all the festivities happening at your house today xox Clarice

  5. The elderly are truly remarkable people. My husband who isn't much of a talker, I guess you might say like me... wonders at how long I can sit to talk with, and especially hear the stories that older peoples have to tell about their past times. I love it so much!

    Such a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous picture of you and your children on the stair steps!

    Wishing you an early Happy New Year!


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