Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Dear Friends,

Happy St. Nicholas Day! We had a nice little celebration at home, which is such a nice prelude to Christmas. It also makes it easier for little children who have a hard time waiting until the 25th to open a present or two. These photos are dark, but they show a carrot that St. Nick's horse didn't eat, along with goodies from AnnaMarie and Evangeline's boots. We had cookies and tea to celebrate, and read a few Christmas stories that focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Simple holidays are the best, in our opinion!

AnnaMarie has opened her own Etsy shop, where she is selling handmade cards. She would love it if you stopped by and took a look! It's so fun to see children grow up and use the talents with which they have been blessed. I am in awe at some of the things they do, and am excited to see all that they will accomplish in their lives.

AnnaMarie also loves to make fantastic hairstyles on her younger sisters, who get a different style every day. Not everyone has their own hair designer! :)

The tree is up and decorated, and we love gathering around each night with the house lights off, enjoying the soft glow that speaks the peace of the season. May all of our hearts make room for the Savior and His message of hope. No matter who sits in political office, Christ will always be King!




  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Saint Nicolas day. I love the hair style AnnaMarie!!! Clarice

  2. Happy St. Nicholas Day right back at ya, Marqueta! I just got your letter today, will answer soon!


  3. Dear Mama,

    I simply love the post! ♥ And I love you. The tree is marvelous, isn't it?
    And so are the gifts, and Tasha's jaw-dropping hair ☺.



  4. As always a wonderful visit to your sweet cottage...blessings to all of you.

  5. Happy St. Nicholas Day : ) Marqueta

    That is one amazing hairstyle x

  6. Hello & Happy Day Marqueta!

    What a splendid Celebration of St. Nick's Day!
    It so neat to see how you remember the saints of old in your home with your children.

    I just read a little about St. Nick during a devotion time of mine. He dates back to the 4th century! Fascinating, isn't it?!

    Thank you for the comments about my garden and I hope, hope, hope when the seasons turn in neck of the woods that you'll grow and enjoy fresh bok choy too!

    Blessings in Christ our Savior!!!

  7. The hairstyle is so grand! Excellent work! And the cards are adorable. Happy St Nicholas Day to you.


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