Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enjoying Nature on Mother's Day

 Dear friends,

A happy day to you! To celebrate a beautiful, sunny Mother's Day this past weekend, we went to one of our favorite nature spots in nearby Lee's Summit for a little outing.

There were plenty of little frogs to keep everyone occupied trying to catch them~

Plenty of Great Blue Herons were there enjoying the frogs as well (but in a different way)~

The sunshine did our hearts good after a cold, rainy spring, and we felt renewed, as we always do, after being away from city streets and traffic for a while.

We are always on the lookout for wild spring edibles, and noticed a nice patch of wild parsnips that would have been perfect a few weeks ago; we'll have to come back in the fall! The autumn olives that are considered so invasive were covered with blossoms along the backroads, promising a bountiful harvest come fall. We'll be sure to come back for them, as well.

Although Mr. Graham had to work yesterday, the rest of us decided to go back for a little picnic, as well as more frog-chasing and wading in the warm water.

Today we've been busy keeping our garden watered, as it has turned from cold to hot. Hopefully our hard work will pay off with a nice harvest this year!

We hope that your family is keeping busy this spring as well, making memories together and reveling in the blessings of the Lord's creations.



p.s. For those of you who don't know how to start eating dandelions (from my last post), just try nibbling on a few of the yellow petals each day. Your body will soon be craving them in any form it can get!


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful day for all of you...the pictures are just beautiful... blessings dear friend.

  2. Such pretty pictures...especially the first, and your children exploring. Looks like not many people in your area go out to enjoy such a lovely place! (Same with my area). I bet it felt so good to get out to nature and God's Creation. And a good picnic area!

  3. As always, mi amiga, it is such a joy to see your lovely family sharing Our Lord's gift, together :) m.

  4. Another first-class batch of pics!
    A brilliant one of Frankie, plus the dandelion seed head one is really 'arty'.

    Very evocative...I could almost feel that sun on my back.
    Glad you had a lovely M's day..if a little bittersweet (thinking of recent events)...lovely memories, though.
    Aren't new baby frogs so perfect?
    Like little jewels..I find it awe ~inspiring .

  5. Looks like a wonderful way to spend mothers day. What wonderful memories you are making for your family, Marqueta!

  6. Lovely photos, mama! I wonder who took most of them.... ;) But everything was just so beautiful! I would've taken lots more, too. I love you!

    Love, Audrey

  7. Marqueta, thank you for sharing your pictures with us. Such beauty in nature and our children! :-)

  8. Dear Marqueta,

    Such pretty pictures and such a lovely day! I am glad you were able to go back for a picnic. It is certainly the time of year to enjoy that sort of thing! I know what you mean about the weather going from cold to hot. Same here. It has been very hot today. I hope you are doing well these days.



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