Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Nature Center, a Botanical Garden, and a Wedding Performance (Make for a Busy Saturday!)

 Dear Friends,

Last Saturday was the local plant exchange that our friend Dayna holds each year at a local nature center. We brought a few starts, and brought back a few lovelies in trade (I'm not sure, but I think I'm the one in the family who has the most fun!).

We always take a tour of the center after we've safely stowed our new green babies in the van. The native wildflower trails inspire us to make our own native garden for the benefit of wildlife and ourselves.

(Looking for frogs hiding in the duckweed is pretty fun, too!)

 Near the nature center is a beautiful botanical display, the Kauffman Memorial Garden. This was our first time visiting, and we were enthralled with the many different flowers and plants. I think our favorite part was being misted by the fountains and sprinklers, since it was a hot day~

 (Who knew that Kansas City has its own iris, which is a lovely blue and white?)

Simply lovely!

 Later in the afternoon, AnnaMarie and Audrey played their instruments for a wedding, while Tasha was there to hold the pages down in the breeze~

 It was a very busy day, but spending time in nature and with flowers was very restorative to the soul, and inspiring in so many ways.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and for sharing our day with us. Until next time~




  1. What a lovely place to spend a Saturday Marqueta :) How wonderful that Annemarie and Audrey were able to share their talent with others... and in a wedding - a joyful occasion indeed :D Have a blessed day mi amiga... m.

  2. Looks like you found the Secret garden :) So wonderful,and I love the pictures...the one of you and the children is precious.
    Your sweet girls playing for a wedding...what a lovely thought.
    We had some very strong storms in our neck of the woods,but all is well this morning.....blessings to you all, my sweet friend.

  3. Your family is so pretty! Looks like a refreshing day to get out and see all that beauty.

  4. Dear Marqueta,

    The garden center is beautiful! Isn't it restorative to be in such a place? I just know your girls played beautifully! I hope you will share a video of them again soon. You look pretty!


  5. Marqueta,

    What a beautiful nature center! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. And seeing you and your daughters all in skirts/dresses always makes me smile. I love both and can not imagine wearing pants ever again. :-)

  6. Marqueta, you have such a beautiful family. And talented too. I also play the harp, just. The girls braids are so very pretty.

  7. I totally agree! It's simply lovely. I wish i had a beautiful garden such s the garden center. The flowers are absolutely lovely and by the way, the kids are talented and such lovelies as well. You really did have a blast.



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