Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome, May!

Dear Friends,

I apologize for being absent during the month of April. My beautiful mother-in-law passed away on the 2nd, and we have been taking an internet break for a bit.

We all miss Grandma Graham very much, but we are grateful that the suffering she was experiencing has ended, and she is resting with the Lord.

Spring has been a long time coming this year, and we have more snow in the forecast! Thankfully we've been blessed with a few days of sunshine, and this morning was perfect weather for handing out May baskets to the neighbors.

 Our little garden is coming along, and we've put in a few new flowers (including a rose and this lily to remember Mr. Graham's mother) here and there.

We're growing fava beans for the first time, and we're grateful that they won't be bothered by the upcoming snow and cold weather~

We have a few peas started from seeds that our friend Devina sent us all the way from England; we hope they do well, and we can save a few seeds for next year.

Here is our herb garden in pots, plus a lovely cleome which we bought to attract butterflies. Anything that butterflies like and can withstand heat and drought is a plus in our book!

Our one tulip is standing tall like a lone soldier, and Tasha's turtle statue looks like it's about to enjoy a snack!

 These are peas that we are growing for their shoots, which is also something new we're trying this year. If they continue growing, we'll be getting the taste of peas, without the long wait.

We hope that you had a wonderful April. I turned 40 on the 15th, and am looking forward to this being the best decade of my life, so far. :)

I have a lot of blog-catching up to do, but I promise I'll come to visit as soon as I can!




  1. Happy (past) birthday! 40 sounds young to me!

    I am sorry about your mother-in-law. Sad times...but joyful memories until you meet up with her again!

    So sweet, May baskets! I wish you were my neighbor.

    Your gardens look nice...good thing you have cold weather crops. Sorry about more snow!

  2. Very sorry for your loss...I remember the passing of my own dear MIL. I still miss her so much. I pray God give peace and strength to your family. We delivered a may basket this morning as well. My little grandson Jaxon and I! Visit me to read about it. I missed you in your absence,but understand fully why a break was needed. Your plantings all look wonderful....I just came back inside from watering my own.....blessings dear friend

  3. Marqueta...40 is the best decade of all of our lives. I am nearing 50, and I can look back and see how My Lord has pushed me to grow and grow :)

    I am sorry for your loss my Sweet Friend. She is now with the One she loved dearly. Your husband looks a great deal like his mother and so does your sweet children.

    Her memory will be with you always.

    In Christ!


  4. Dear Marqueta ~ very sorry to hear how you and Mr. Graham lost a dear mother. She had the most beautiful eyes, from the photo. I know you will all have helped each other a lot to pass through this difficult time.
    I'm so glad you feel optimistic about being in your 40's ~ I loved that age, it was very freeing, somehow.
    I like the idea of May baskets ~ how sweet :)
    And the taste of pea shoots!
    Isn't it gratifying how quickly they grow, peas and children, really!!
    xx A

  5. Sorry to read of your loss, Marqueta.

    40 is a wonderful age. (At least I think it is, it's been so long, I can't remember!)

    Hope you are having a wonderful spring full of nice little herbs by the wayside for you to pick!

  6. Sorry for your loss, much strength to you and yours at this time. Happy 40th--I hope you have many more splendid ones!

  7. So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law.


  8. So sorry to hear about your mother in law passing...and a super Big Happy Birthday to you!!!! I turn 40 next year so I am just going to keep hanging on to thirty hehehe....Good luck with your lovely garden I want to plant as well but I the pests here are unbelievable I will need to do some sort of raised bed ~ Happy May Love Heather

  9. Happy soon to be birthday. I loved being 40. I am so very sorry about your MIL. Well hopefully now the snow will be done and you can move onto sun xox Clarice

  10. Marqueta, I'm so sorry for your loss. I pray that God will fill you hearts with such lovely memories of your mother-in-law and that will be a comfort to you.

  11. I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I understand about needing an internet break.

    I hope you are all well.


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