Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Dandelion Season!

(Photos by Tasha and Evangeline)

Dear Friends,

Lately we've been doing a lot of this.. . .

And this . . .

 And this. . . .

                                                                  Since there are lots of these. . .

 . . . All over the yard!

 Today we made yummy dandelion blossom fritters by dipping them in pancake batter, then frying them in coconut oil until crisp (We didn't get a chance to take a picture, they went so fast!). We have so many dandelions in our yard, we picked four gallon-sized Ziploc bags full of them, which we froze for later use. They are wonderful pureed and added to bread dough or muffin batter, adding moisture, sweetness, and loads of nutrition.

The greens are good chopped very finely and added to a salad of mild greens, until one is used to their bitterness. They can be added to other greens for cooking, as well, and the roots can be dug up all year and eaten roasted, or roasted until they are brittle and ground into a delicious coffee substitute.

Dandelions are rich in iron and their bitter properties relieve the sluggishness that many people experience in the spring from an overtaxed liver and digestive system.

If you are lucky enough to find a patch of dandelions that have not been sprayed, do your body a favor and indulge in a free dandelion liver detox, courtesy of Mother Nature!

And don't forget to make a wish on the fluff when you're done. . .




  1. Dear Mami,

    It was fun picking 2,300 of them!;)
    I Love you!

    Love ~ Tasha

  2. Thank you Marqueta! The joy of dandelions! My mom ate dandelion salad when she was little.

  3. Oh how I would enjoy eating them in salads...but alas, the neighborhood cats tend to pass through my garden, so they are just not eatable :( . Have a blessed day my friend... m.

  4. Yes,I have Dandelions in my yard....I blogged about them not long ago myself. You,and the information you have shared on your blog has really encouraged me to learn more about foraging from nature. I have learned a bit,but not near enough :) I catch myself looking at weeds all the peoples yard, alongside the road,in the park...wherever I am! God has provided so much in nature that many people have no clue about.Its really amazing to me. Blessings dear friend

  5. Thank you for all the suggestions on how to use dandelions, Marqueta! Just yesterday my husband was asking me if we should pick some for a salad, but the only recipe I knew was for one with bacon in it, which I didn't want to use. Fritters sound like fun and the puree is a great idea.

  6. I love to blow those fluffy dandelions!

    Happy Mother's Day, Marqueta!

  7. Hi Marqueta! I tried some but, as you rightly said, they were VERY bitter...disappointing. I know spitting is not ladylike, but...ew!
    Do they vary in this aspect, I wonder? I shall keep trying :)

    Tell the girls their piccies were brilliant ~ love them.
    God bless,


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