Sunday, June 2, 2013

Celebrating Two Birthdays

 Dear Friends,

On 31st May we celebrated the birthdays of two of our favorite girls, AnnaMarie and Rebecca.

Rebecca wanted us to make a cat cake for her own~

But when she saw how AnnaMarie decorated hers with flowers,

She had to have yet another one, too!
Can you see her three candles floating in the coconut cream frosting?

Sixteen candles make a lovely light (just be careful not to singe your hair~ don't ask)!

Happy birthday to both our girls, both in very different stages of life, but growing into the women that God made them to be. May this year be a blessed one!




"Lines to a Little Girl"

By Ruth Mary DuBois

Run-with your brown hair flying,
Glossy in the sun,
Run- like a young foal trying 
Its legs for fun.

Be one with the warm sweet air,
Wear the gentle wind;
Take care, take care
Of every nimble hour
And every meadow flower.
Gather the world in your two slim arms
And hold it there. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday! That is neat.
    cute cakes!

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL little poem, and perfect for the occasion!How lovely.
    Happy Birthday x 2 to the desr girls!

  3. A very happy birthday to both your beauties. Their cakes are lovely indeed. You have a young woman in the house with you now...they just grow up too fast,don't they? My youngest daughter turned 34 on the 30th of May. Seems like yesterday she was just a little one :) Blessings dear friend

  4. Happy Birthday lovely young ladies! I love that kitty cake, very clever!

  5. Boy that poem sure got to me! It speaks to me of my 2 brown haired girls who are in those 2 very different stages of life right now. But because we are blessed to homeschool they are the best of friends. A very sweet time, a sweet post in every way (coconut cream icing...yum!).

  6. Love the cakes! And love coming by to visit again! It has been too long! Your Alcott quote is one of my favorites. "Little Women" is calling my name... Do I read it in one night or one week to make it last?? Both!

  7. Happy Birthday to your pretty sweethearts!! Love Heather

  8. Marqueta, I have been away and am just now visiting. A belated Happy Birthday to your precious daughters.


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