Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Merry Summer to You!

Dear Friends,

Summer is finally here! Thank you to everyone who left well-wishes on our coming little one; your friendship means so much to us.

Each year we have a tradition of leaving little feasts for the fairies who romp about on Midsummer's Eve. With everyone getting older, the place settings get more and more creative!

Here is a table all set with walnut-shell crockery~


And there's even a little boat in case they want to fish for whatever is lurking in the bottom of this fairy-sized lake (you never know)~

The fairies left Frankie this cute stuffed farmer rabbit and assortment of animals~

Evangeline made a little pond for the fairies' refreshment, and was rewarded with her own girly rabbit and tea set; so sweet!

It looks like Tasha's table received a tiny china gift as well~

 Frankie and Evangeline look a little concerned about their gifts in this picture (and maybe just a little sleepy!)~

 While Becky looks a little happier with all the horses she received (and maybe a little, sleep, as well)~

Thank you to everyone for coming by to visit today, and thank you to Tasha for taking such lovely photos of the day!



"More strange than true: I never may believe
These antique fables, nor these fairy toys.
Lovers and madmen have such seething brains,
Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend
More than cool reason ever comprehends."

~William Shakespeare, 
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"


  1. How fun! And such nice presents those fairies left. I think I will have to leave them a feast next year, if I can receive such lovely rewards for my efforts. I said it before, and I'll say it again, you are making such wonderful memories for your children, Marqueta. Lucky children!

  2. It is teatime here in England and I'm just popping over to you all in fairyland to say 'hello'. What an enchanted world you live in. Midsummer is such a lovely time to play amongst the fairies. Congratulations to you Marqueta and your dear husband on your coming 'special event'. What excitement. Happy summertime to you all. Eli x

  3. Marqueta, what lovely treasures your fairy friends left for you all. Mine are rather selfish and do not like to share. I am thinking of leaving out a book on manners for them. Perhaps they will learn a thing or two!

  4. Your kids are happy and cute! I love your fairy gardens. I might decide to make one sometime!

  5. How fun for your sweet children.....and what fun gifts the fairies left behind for them. Cute post today Marqueta....blessings

  6. Ah, so sweet. Isn't life so good!?

  7. Merry, Merry Sweet Summer to you too!!
    Oh I can't wait to have new young children come to live with us soon. I really look forward to spending time with them exploring the outdoors and sparking the imagination with things like "fairy-lands" just outside our back doors. I think this is one way to impart a way of therapuetic balm to foster children.
    God Bless You, Deanna

  8. Sweet kids.
    In the southern hemisphere the winter started.
    what lovely treasures your fairy friends .
    Happy summer!!

  9. Dear Marqueta, what a sweet tradition you have with your children! They will always remember it. I am so happy for you and the fact that you all will have a new little bundle! Seems like Becky Button-nose was just a little bundle!!! I hope you are feeling very well these days!!



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