Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Dreams

 Dear Friends,

One of my routines that I love the most is to gather up all my "Victoria" magazines from whichever month is coming up, and then spend the month re-visiting them all. Although I love that Victoria is back, there was a special, feminine spirit to the issues from the 1980s-1990s that I especially love. They make me want to stop and savor the simple things in life, like a special tea cup or a flower blooming in the garden. It may be years and years before my home resembles the lovely photo shoots in Victoria's glossy pages, with little ones around, but I can borrow little ideas here and there and share their inspiration with those little ones as I read.

The other day I found four L.M. Montgomery books that I've been wanting to own for a long time, but had not yet, plus an extra copy of "Stepping Heavenward"(my all-time favorite Christian book) to share with my girls. These books, like Victoria Magazine, make me want to be sweeter and more feminine. I especially love how Nature is such a big part of the lives of the "Anne" characters, and Elizabeth Prentiss' as well. June is the perfect time to slow down, make a cool drink, and enjoy a bit of inspiring reading!

( Becky loves the girls on the covers of my new books, and has been carrying them around organizing them in different piles. She looks sad in this picture because she's waiting while they have their picture taken before she can have them back.)

 Speaking of Nature, we are so grateful that our Scarlet Runner Beans have finally begun "running" up our clothesline post, and they're even producing a few pods. Two of the plants are up to the top already, so we may have to give up some of our clothes-drying space by the end of the summer!

Our front-door robin actually hatched out a couple of sweet little babies (we wondered if she could, since she flies away every time we go outside). It will be fun watching them grow~

I spent about an hour clearing the grape vines off of our rough-leaved dogwood in the backyard, and have been rewarded with its lovely white blossoms that resemble elder flowers~

The oh-so-naughty Japanese honeysuckle (which is taking over the woods around Kansas City) has been providing us with lots of blooms to dry for cooling tea, and to tincture for Lyme disease prevention and sore throats~ they are an amazing antibiotic, and quite strong, so we only use them in low dosages~

We missed a few radishes when we harvested our fall crop last year, and they re-grew and gave us lots of pretty purple blossoms, which will soon be followed by the edible and delicious seed pods, which are lovely in salads or pickled.

 The radishes are growing right next to our Telephone Peas, who also have the loveliest blossoms, and look like we planted them together on purpose. I love discovering little surprises like these, don't you?

Our broad beans we planted in April are finally fruiting, and I have yet to taste a single bean, since Rebecca has discovered them and helps herself first. :) They must be tasty!

We bought this cute little wren house at our local farmer's market yesterday, and have hung it on a post near our back garden, hoping that the wrens will move in and help with natural pest control. It pays to pamper the birds, they eat so many caterpillars and other baddies!


 On a final note, we failed to mention before that we are expecting a new member of our family at the end of October, which is keeping us busy resting up and dreaming of tiny fingers and toes. This summer will also find us finding lots of creative ways of keeping cool! May your June dreams be dear ones, and may they all come true.





  1. Oh congratulations!! That is wonderful. My neighbor is expecting a baby then too!

    That is a perfect roof for the bird house! Your pics are so pretty....with you noticing all the pretty plants growing in your yard.

    I love to save magazines. I don't look at them too deeply, because I'm saving them for a "rainy day"!

  2. Oh Marqueta...congratulations! Another little Graham to add to your lovely brood :-D Felicidades mi amiga :D

  3. I am finally catching up today! It is so wonderful to see what you have been up to! Congrats to you dear friend! I hope all is well with you!

  4. Marqueta, such lovely pictures! I love Victoria magazine and all the Anne books. <3

  5. Congratulations, Marqueta! I'm thrilled for you and Mr. Graham. You two have such beautiful children. That picture of your little one looks just like an angel. Love L.M Montgomery. I do the same thing with my Victoria magazines. I believe the older ones are better also. If you are missing any of the back issues, just let me know. I have lots of duplicates and would be glad to send you some.

  6. I love the Anne books and Stepping Heavenward is such a gem as well. Books are like lovely old friends.

  7. Congratulations Marqueta on your bundle of joy. I pray for a easy pregnancy xox Clarice

  8. I have all of those books( Stepping Heavenward too). I am trying to collect all of LMM books - at least those listed . Just a few more to go. I also have every issue of VM up until year 2000 and I have done the same thing - gather all of those for the month and go through them again. I haven't done it in a while . It was fun to see that someone else does that though. Congratulations on the new baby coming!

  9. Another little one on the exciting for you all. Congratulations sweet friend. Such a lovely post today. I find I prefer many of the older issues of some of my favorite magazines. Victoria is one of my favorites as well. Your little Becky is just beautiful....what a sweet picture of her. Love your birdhouse find....the little wrens are a favorite with me.
    Blessings on your cottage and family.

  10. Looks like a wonderful summer is underway!! Congratulations my friend one day I must come and visit all these beautiful children you have!! Anna would be in heaven meeting the girls hehehe!! Enjoy your summer may you find rest and peace as your little one grows with in you Keep Cool and Carry On!! hehehe Love Heather

  11. Congratulations, Marqueta Mama!
    Becky and everything else looks fine! Fantastic baby robin pic :)

  12. My mother has been subscriping to that magazine for ages - it is full of inspiring, romantic spaces.
    I have been thinking of re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books. I think I will join you. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Congratulations!! That is wonderful.


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