Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Audrey!

Dear Friends,

Yet another birthday girl has had a celebration in our family. This time Audrey turned fourteen years old. It was such a hot day, she decided to have a "melon cake" (which was simply a watermelon and a couple of cantaloupes decorated with daylily blossoms and coconut sprinkles).

Audrey loves birds, so Evangeline painted this birdhouse for her and put on a sweet mushroom bird~

And a new bonnet was just the thing to keep the sun off her pretty nose this summer~

Each of children is such a blessing in our lives, and birthdays give us the opportunity to truly ponder on the impact that they have on our family. Especially as the girls approach adulthood, we realize how short the time is to spend with each other, and we are more grateful that we do spend each and every day in the shelter of home. 

Happy days to you, Audrey, and may they be blessed!




  1. Happy birthday Audrey! You're growing up to be a lovely young lady. A melon cake sounds wonderful!

  2. Happiest of years to you Audrey! My daughter Sophia turned 14 this year too--such a lovely age:-)

  3. Happy Birthday to Audrey! Who looks so pretty in that bonnet. Time does pass quick!
    The "cake" is refreshing...when I was young we used to pick out different things like that too!

  4. Oh yes, happy, happy birthday to your lovely Audrey! Melon cake? I never thought of that and it looks amazing!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Audrey, you look so lovely in your new sun bonnet ~ it really suits you!
    What a sweet little birdhouse too!
    Many Happy Returns and God bless,
    x Alex

  6. Dear Marqueta,

    I know it's that time of year when you all have a slew of birthdays!! Happy belated birthday to AnnaMarie and Rebecca, and Happy Birthday to Audrey! What lovely girls they all are! The bonnet is precious, and the watermelon cake looks like JUST the ticket.

    I thought about you this evening. I will learn one of these days not to even step outside around here without my camera. I took Annie out for a walk, and we ran into a fox! Lovely, lovely creature!!



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