Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Happy Birthday to Tasha

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we celebrated the eighth birthday of our Tasha. We celebrated by going to pick cherries at her Grandma Cherie's, and feeding peanuts to two squirrels that live in Grandma's yard (Too bad we didn't get pictures!).

Tasha hinted that she would like some nature-related gifts, and received quite a few. We think her favorite is the telescope that is supposed to allow her to look at the craters on the moon. She and Audrey stayed up as late as they could last night, waiting for the stars to come out, but alas, the mosquitoes drove them inside before it was dark enough!

Today we'll be out in the gardening, catching up on gardening, picking peas and maybe harvesting some "weeds" to experiment with in the kitchen!

Till next time,



"Cleaning your house is like pruning a tree. The house and the tree are both alive. You take care of the debris first, then stand back to look at the true form~and that clarity, that original vision is what happens in the mind." ~Anonymous


  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like it was a blessed and beautiful day!

  2. We also celebrated a birthday for a sweet daughter in our home yesterday! Please wish your daughter a very happy birthday!!

    Love, Heather

  3. A very joyous birthday to you, Tasha! A telescope! A perfect gift ~ my sister has one, too. It's so amazing to see the expanse of God's beautiful creation, isn't it? Enjoy!


    p.s. Let your mama know that I'd love to have her enter my little giveaway (July 5) if she's interested. =)

  4. Happy Birthday to Sweet Tasha. Tasha is yet another beautiful girl, born into an altogether lovely family!

    I love the telescope! The peas sure look good. :)

    Marqueta, you have no idea how much I needed that quotation about cleaning today!


  5. Happy Birthday Tasha!! Hope you enjoy all those nature presents with lots of wonderful adventures where you get to discover all sorts of new things!
    And let us know if the moon is really made out of cheese!
    Blessings Heather ;-)

  6. Querida Tasha,

    Feliz Cumpleanos!

    ~ Que lindo que Nuestro Senor te ha bendecido con otro dia hecho especialmente para ti!~

    El telescopio va hacer utilizado bastante, me imagino!

    Que Dios y Nuestro Salvador Jesus Cristo, te siga llenando de salud y mucha felicidad ;)

    lady m

  7. Happy Birthday Tasha!
    Your daughter is beautiful Marqueta! And so is your family and your way of life.
    It sounds like a very sweet day!


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