Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goodies and Garlic~


Dear Friends,

We've had so much fun discovering the new local flea market here in town, we thought we'd share a few items we found.

The first booth we encountered was run by an elderly gent with a "Two bits buys anything" motto. How, then, could we possibly resist this homely little ceramic potato dish, especially when it had my name (at least my initials) on it?

And these nested tins? And especially this Tasha Tudor book?

Now for the hard part: keeping to our rule of "For everything that comes in, something must go out." They DID mention that they buy and trade, at the flea market. . . :)

In the garden, we've been harvesting our garlic scapes (The pretty little flower heads they grow) to use in pesto, salsa, etc. It's a super yummy garlicky treat that's not as strong as the bulbs. We wish that every month could be like summer, when we feel like we live in the Garden of Eden, going outside and picking food fresh for the table!
But then, we'd miss the anticipation of watching things grow from seed in the spring, or reemerging from last year's growth. Plus we'd have so many flies and mosquitoes going outside would be life-threatening!

May you enjoy your beautiful day, wherever the day takes you. May the Lord lift you up in your trials, as you lift your eyes up to Him.



One form of heroism-the most common,
and yet the least remembered of all-
namely, the heroism of the
average mother.
Ah! When I think of that
broad fact, I gather hope again for
poor humanity;
And this dark world looks bright
. . . because whatever else it is not full of,
it is at least full of mothers.

~Charles Kingsley


  1. oh how fun! I found Tasha's love book (name escapes me at the moment) at the antique mall a while back and was so excited. I would love to find a copy of Becky's Christmas...looking online, they are outrageously expensive. Maybe some day it will be reissued.
    Love your treasures!~

  2. Dear Marqueta,

    Your posts are always so delightful! I enjoyed seeing your flea market finds. I have the very same Tasha book found at an antique store. Your kitty looks so sweet and comfy resting in the sunshine upon that lovely quilt!

    It looks like you and your dear ones enjoyed a happy Independence Day!

    Your garden is so beautiful and productive!

    Have a blessed day sweet friend!
    Love, Paula

    P.S. Indeed that word did sound very British!

  3. Sounds like the flea market was fun..... I can see a huge mound of steaming smashed potatoes in that big potato dish!! I just made myself hungry lol! Lovely tins and book enjoy your treasures. And have a blessed day with your beautiful family ~Heather ;-)

  4. Dear Marqueta,

    How exciting to find a Tasha Tudor book! And of course if the potato dish had your initials on it, it must go home with YOU. :) You got some great buys.

    As far as your rule -- something in, something out -- I have known others who had that in place. It sounds like a good idea for keeping order.

    Thanks for the tip on garlic blooms.

    Happy Summer Day,

  5. I think my heart may have skipped a beat when I saw the Tasha Tudor book ; ) Your garlic scapes look so beautiful against the pink! Thank you for your blessings in this space!

  6. What lovely treasures that you found at the flea market! I love garlic! You are so inspiring with all that you gather from the wild!

    Love, Heather

    (my there is a lot of Heathers who comment on your blog! ) ;o)


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