Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Happy Day to Our Dear Friends~

Dear Friends,

We're so glad you came by today; it's actually COOL outside and feels quite lovely! We've been busy beavers lately, finishing AnnaMarie's quilt, watering and harvesting from the garden (as usual, the weeds were our best crop this year!), and doing all the little things that make a house a home.

The moon has been especially beautiful this month, looking quite romantic through the clouds (we really need a digital telescope!)~

The chickens have been providing lots of entertainment, chasing various invertebrates around the backyard. And now they are providing eggs, as well! We are grateful that we are allowed to have them in town, and are looking forward to the day when we can add to our menagerie.

We've been celebrating cooler weather by baking bread (and noticing a distinct similarity between its texture and the surface of the moon. . . .)~

For a couple of weeks, the front garden was a riot of sunflowers, but the goldfinches and squirrels have made short work of them (this picture was taken two weeks ago)~
We're still waiting for our zucchini to decide to make fruit as WELL as lots of pretty 

We've been volunteering at the thrift store, and donating lots of goodies of our own! Hopefully we'll at least stay on top of the goodies we're bringing home. :)

And last but not least,Rebecca has been practicing the piano lately~ she's almost as good as her big sisters!♥ 


"The business of education is to prepare the young person for taking a hand in life, for solving the problems of life, for overcoming the difficulties and meeting the emergencies of life. The head is not a receptacle for the thoughts of others.It is the master of the vessel about to set sail on uncertain seas. Education is a drawing-out process, the development of natural capacities. It is never "finished" unless in cases of insanity. It proceeds from within, and advances as it is able through the senses to apprehend truth, and through the reason to apply such truth to things that concern living in the world."

~Mother's Magazine, April 1909


  1. I'm glad you are getting some relief from the heat Marqueta. It's beautiful here today too. Perfect for laundry! If you all would like a real treat and can stay awake late enough, look up in the sky on the 12th - the perseid meteor showers. Wouldn't it be something if you could capture one of those streaking across the sky? Unfortunately the best are usually around 2 AM. Love to see the finished quilt!

  2. Your sunflowers look lovely. I love what chicken roam around looking for bits of things here and there. Our ducks and turkeys do that are are so funny when they take off running after some tasty morsel.

    Love Erika

  3. What a wonderful relief from the heat. What is it about zukes? They are either abundant or rare! LOL

    Don't you love to hear the chickens' night song? I do!

    Enjoy these shorter days and cooler nights! And, how about a quilt picture?? Please??

  4. Sounds like you are having a lovely time with your family in your part of the world. Also, what a blessing to receive cooler weather during the summer months!

    Sorry to hear that your weeds were the best of your crop from you garden. Hopefully, you'll get better "luck" next time around.

  5. Hi Marqueta ~
    So good to hear from you ~ I was about to send the posse out to find you! :~D
    I am happy to be in good company as far as the weeds in the garden are concerned! I stay on top of them in the beginning and just when I turn my back they return with a vengence!

    We had a week of very lovely weather last week but on the night the weather man said to look for the 'Neon Lights' it clouded up and they were not to be seen! :~{ boo hoo! I've only seen them once when I was in Alaska!

    Hurray for your chickies! I love fresh eggs ~ only now all 1 1/2 dozen of ours are NOT laying. Guess our week of warm weather set them to molting! :>

    Your comparison of your bread with the texture of the moon is too cute!

    I'm sure, in addition to the lovely sunflowers, the finches and the squirrels delighting in their feast was so fun to watch!

    Last year I didn't even plant zucchini and dozens of plants came up from the previous year. This year I planted a full package and only one plant came up and hasn't even blossomed yet. (Shows I am not in control of these things!) Can you eat squash blossoms? I think they would be wonderful stuffed with some yummy herbed cheese.

    What a fun place to volunteer! I'm sure you bring home some delightful treasures!

    Little Becky is growing so! And so cute!

    I'd like to see AnnaMarie's quilt, too!

  6. wasnt it so nice to have a cool day today? I loved it. Were you all getting these storms too?
    Your chickens do look like a funny bunch! I love watching our rabbits and their family dynamic. So like 'people' families :) here's hoping the rest of this summer is gentle and enjoyable!~

  7. I wonder if we would be able to see a meteroid shower from here?? I will have look and see. Although the sky seems to be hazy lately from all the sand blowing around. Sounds like a wonderful summer. We are experiencing cabin fever here we are a little couped up in the hotel room. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to pick up some art supplies for them. The kids have read through all their books and we have watched enough travel tv and national geo that the kids say blah when they see the tv ehehehe ....and we have been in the hotel pool swimming till we are wrinkled as prunes. Enjoy the rest of your summer. and great insight with the bread it looks much more like the moon than cheese ever did!! I think you guys are on to something brilliant ~Love Heather & Anna

  8. Dear Mama,

    It really is "so easy" to take pictures of the moon through a screened-in window, believe me!:)

    I like the textures of one of the eggs~ it has spots all over it!♥

    I liked watching the Goldfinches AND the Hummingbirds on the sunflowers- and the squirrels!:)~

    I love your blog, Dear MAMA.

    You are the best Mama in the whole world.

    I love you and I like you!


    Guess Who!

    hint: I ♥ Birds

    p.s. the word verification is 'Jusis' *?*

  9. Again a very lovely post...blessings on your dear family.

  10. If only weeds were a marketable crop... we'd be rich!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. My you have been busy bees haven't you. So cold here at the moment and there are black clouds looming as I type this. Typical as the weekend beckons and I have a week off work. Isabel's sunflower is enormous now, I really must take some picture of it before it goes over. Have a lovely weekend and a letter is in the early stages at the moment. She has been out and about a bit the last few days as she is now on school hols. Love and hugs Dev x

  12. How nice to finally get some cool weather. It must be so welcoming xox Clarice


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