Friday, August 19, 2011

Strength and Beauty

Dear Friends,

A happy day to you! Don't you love this trade card that I found in an old book? It's entitled "Strength and Beauty," and says "You surely cannot attain physical beauty without vital strength, and vital strength depends upon nourishment." 

Last Sunday, we discovered a pretty little calico kitten that had been hiding under a bush. She quickly adopted us, and of course, she and Bilbo are getting along like cats and dogs! Bilbo wants her to play like a dog, and can't understand why he keeps getting slapped in the face! It's so nice to be "in a feline way" again.

Our family had the opportunity of participating in a cultural event that our church put on last Saturday, which was lots of fun. Mister Graham and Tasha played British pioneers coming to America, and Audrey and AnnaMarie learned the Russian dance "Kalinka," and loved getting to wear such pretty costumes. They loved the "Kalinka" so much, in fact, that we decided that would be a great name for our new cat!
We're hoping that we can go and harvest some elderberries soon, and have been having fun playing with pokeberry "ink" from the plants in our backyard. We've discovered a new kind of mushroom that is edible, called the "Ash Tree Bolete," and learned that it may be edible, but it sure ain't tasty! :)

May you be blessed today in all you do.



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  2. Dear Marqueta,
    What a lovely little trade card! Don't you just love vintage cards?
    Such a sweet little kitty ~ we have a calico too (did you know calicos are all female?) I didn't!
    Bilbo is so cute ~ our little dachshund tries to play with our kitties too without much success.
    Looks like your family had such fun at the cultural event. I wish our area had things like this! Kalinka is wonderful name for your kitty too.
    I don't think I've ever taseted elderberries before. But yesterday I did make a blackberry crumble from our own blackberries. I love it when I can make things from what we grow!

  3. I don't know why my comment posted twice ~ but I will try to delete one!

  4. Oh Kalinka is adorable love the name ...and how fun to learn Russian Dance. Anna and I visited a grocery store today well it was bigger than a grocery store and the whole back of the store was filled with traditonal Indian clothes beautiful gold embroidery and beads and just amazing. We think we might try some on and see what it is like to wear some different clothing as well!! Have fun with your elderberries and pokeberry ink sounds interesting! oh and a new edible mushroom but eww sorry it did not taste good heheeh ~We can't wait to send a letter were still not quite sure how lol!! ttys Love Heather & Anna

  5. How wonderful to see the girls enjoying themselves learning something new.

    I especially like the clothing ;-D

    I know what you mean about being in 'the kitty way', our cat rules the roost!

    Be blessed mi amiga,


  6. Love the sweet little card...sounds like you all have been having some interesting adventures...The kitty is sweet and will bless your little ones I am certain...thanks for sharing the nice pictures...did you sew the dresses for the girls?

  7. Bilbo and your new calico kitten look cute together. I have a calico cat as well, but her colors are much lighter.

    The cultural event at your church sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. I wish I could have seen your daughters do their Russian dance. I'm sure that they were cute. :)

    Well, have fun playing with the "ink," and enjoy your weekend with your lovely family!

  8. Your family looks so cute in their costumes. Your church sounds like a good one that involves the whole family. That's nice! We have a mama and two kittens living between the fence and woodpile. No luck catching them, although I'd love to catch the little black one, he's adorable. But we do feed them. Last winter we feed over a dozen strays. Be careful with those mushrooms!

  9. I love the costumes! Everyone looks so wonderful and happy! Kitties are like babies; everyone should have one.... just not at the same time! LOL Does your little callie have six toes? I have heard they do...Our cat rules the house. The outdoor kitties, though, are quite sweet and passive!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Makes you wonder what God was thinking... edible but not tasty? Why?

    Your girls look beautiful and I think Kalinka is a truly unusual name for a darling kitten. Perfect!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. How fun and I love how your hubby got involved xoox Clarice

  12. That was so good of you to adopt the kitty,she needed you. Your family is so beautiful.


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