Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Song to Help the Work Along~

Dear Friends,

Pop over to our "By a Lady" blog for a silly song to help motivate your family to clean today! While unearthing our kitchen last Saturday, we thought it would be fun to make a cleaning parody of "The Polar Express," with a shiny white train who takes unwilling children to visit Mr. Clean at the Spotless Pole. So far, we've only completed one song, but we know that you will be breathlessly waiting for the next installment! ;)




  1. Oh Marquetta, i want to see your song too. what a lovely idea from your blog friend! i thought she was so cleaver with the cleaning song!!!

    Thank you for your sweet visit my friend!!!

  2. I loved it! Thanks for giving me some inspiration. You all are so clever. Now if Josh Groban would come to my house and sing it maybe I would get all my work done!

  3. Nice link! I always listen to a classic audio book while I clean. That way cleaning is a treat. I look forward to cleaning the bathrooms because I can listen to two chapters that day. :D


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