Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh, the Sweetness of Summer!

Dear Friends,

Happy August to you! Can you believe that July has already flown away? It seems that every year, summer flies faster by, and once September comes, Christmas is just around the corner, and the the year is over and gone!

Our tomatoes are finally starting to ripen (although some are still blossoming), which makes us grateful that we have such a long growing season here! We hope that we can keep up with the watering until autumn's cooler weather comes. How wonderful that we have so many big helpers who can wield heavy buckets of water!

Rebecca says, "Make sure you drink lots of water, too!"
We've done our watering this morning, and have shut all the windows and doors, gearing up for another air conditioned day inside (except for when we go out to dunk the chickens, of course). It's supposed to be 102 degrees today, and 104 tomorrow, so mornings and evenings are the best time to be out.

Maybe we'll venture out and enjoy our sheet-enclosed "tent" under Majestic, our giant Osage Orange tree~

 Can anyone tell us what this mystery plant is? It's about five feet high, and we're pretty sure WE didn't plant it right by the peppers!

Today is a very good day to make some sun tea (ours is going to be a combination of rose petals, lambs ears, and lemon mint) on the deck~

. . .And maybe we'll enjoy some lovely lambsquarters for lunch (we love them lightly steamed, then mixed with vinegar, salt, and pepper).

AnnaMarie is almost done with her second Hope Chest quilt (and learning that quilting takes LOTS longer than tying)~

And we've been learning about the Kingdom of Bahrain, where our dear friends the Watts Family are moving soon.

We've been reading out loud the books Talks for Girls by Eleanor A. Hunter, Wren Bay by Clarice Fox-Hughes, and Angel Encounters by Karen Goldman. The Angel Encounters book makes us want to do a blog post on our own experiences with angel encounters; truly we are not without heavenly help in time of need!

May you have a wonderful week, dear friends. And may you be staying cool (or warm) throughout the Dog Days of summer!




"We ought to have a 'good news' channel where daily stories of outstanding human virtue are featured, true stories--the ones that happen in our world every day--of heroic acts of faith, kindness, and selfless service to each other. . . with hourly angel reports."
~Karen Goldman


  1. Hi Marqueta!
    This has been such a hot summer all around the country!
    Do you really dunk your chickens? How exactly do you do that?
    Hope you and your family have a lovely day!

  2. I saw those sheet tents on another blog and have been thinking of fixing one for my grands to play is so hot here though we can't stay out to long just in the morning hours are late in the evening before dusk....Lovely post always...blessings to you all.

  3. Yes it is HOT. But we are always hot in the summer.

    Great job on the quilt Ashley and Wyatt just finished tieing 2 baby quilts they made for 2 friends who are expecting. Such fun putting together the colors etc.

    The plant I don't know, I would almost say a castor bean, but don't take my word for it at all. They get very big with big leaves the leaves on yours aren't quite the same.

    Have a lovely day dear friend


  4. Magnifies the blue dragonfly.
    Here we are enjoying the winter also has its magic.

  5. Soooooo hot. It is hot here too. Glad you are able to stay inside in the A/C. Oh, I miss my lamb's quarters! Isn't it delicious? I think it is better than spinach! Love seeing the children. :)


  6. Hi Lovely Marqueta,
    Oh that mystery plant! I have that growing here, and for years I asked every one what is that pungent thing? Then I found a picture in an herb and natural dye book, and was satisfied to allow it to stay....but for the life of me, can I remember???
    All my books are packed now but I'll run across it again some day (when I'm not looking for it) hee hee.

    Lot's of Love and Blessings, Linnie

  7. Marqueta, my dear~ You can make even the most uncomfortable of days sound delightful!
    Yes, where have the days gone? The entire year seems to be flying by to me!
    Our tomatoes have lots of flowers, but no fruit yet ~ we just hadn't had the sunshine and warm weather until these last couple of days. And 'they' are calling for 10 days of sunshine! This is BIG for Western Washington any year, but especially this below average temps year. This has been the first year I did't start watering until July!
    The only time I have 'dunked' my chickens is when I want to stop a broody hen from, well, being broody! Funny that your hens enjoy it, but then I probably would too, if we had your heat! ;~P
    I don't know what your mystery plant is, but it is quite fun to finally discover their identity at one point. Hope your's is something good (as opposed to some nasty weed that has no good purpose!)
    Your sun tea candidates look so pretty! I bet it will be delish!
    Ramp up that A.C. and stay cool, my friend!
    Be Blessed!

  8. Beautiful quilt AnneMarie! Such talented children you have Marqueta. The heat is something else this year, but the good thing is that it's drying out all the grass so we don't have to mow! And making the tomatoes ripen. Autumn will feel extra wonderful this year.

  9. Oh you are reading Wren Bay to your girls. I am teary-eyed and soo happy. I hope Lily (and Wren) inspire them to look for their blessings. God sprinkles them around, everyday. You just have to keep your eyes open xoxo

    Akk, what a heat. I am so sorry. It is hot here 80 ;-P

    Tell AnnaMarie, I am impressed. I find quilting, veryyy frustrating xoxo Clarice

  10. What a lovely day you had! I love the sheet tents. Tell how you did them, please?? They are darling!

    The quilt is lovely and what a busy young lady she is to have TWO done! My first one took five years... and then I quit crying and finished it! LOL

    What does the tea taste like? It sounds like it would be very light!

    Have a glorious week!

  11. Wow it is so hot there as well!! I can't believe I am about to go from 100 to 120 temps lol!! beautiful pictures and we have been drinking lots of water here also. I am so excited to see you studying Bahrain we will send some mail from there very soon. We will soon be learning first hand about Ramadan, which I believe starts this week. Soon we can share some pictures. And I am so curious what the postage and such on letters will look like?? ~Tell the girls Anna sends a big Hello and will write when we get over to our new home. ~Wishing you a Wonderful rest of the summer enjoy your tea~
    Love Heather & Anna

  12. Hi Marqueta. Send me a pot of sunshine and some of your gorgeous ripening fruit would you!! In my land of lakes and mountains here in north west England we have plenty of cool damp days and today is yet another. I love to see your girls so busy, they have achieved such a lot on their short lives so far. I agree about having a good news channel, what a great idea. We need something to balance all the ugly stuff that gets reported day by day. Lots of sunny love to you all, Eli x

  13. Hello Marqueta,
    I did a little watering outdoors today - it is to be extremely hot! But, I am enjoyig it - now thoughts begin to go to Fall - so looking forward to it!
    Dunking chickens - intrigued!
    Be safe and cool - we're darkening a lot of rooms to conserve the cool air!
    God Bless,

  14. Enjoy your sun tea this HOT day. So tell me does your tea brew faster in that extreme heat? ;)

    Your daughter's quilt is lovely!

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Wow - that's really hot! I don't know what your mystery plant is. We had one too. Ours turned out to be a hollyhock, a very nice surprise.

  16. I love reading about all of your families activities. Thanks for sharing you and your families talent!


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