Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Late Tasha Tudor Day!

Dear Friends,

A happy late Tasha Tudor Day to all! Our computer has been running exceptionally slowly, so it has taken us a while to get to posting this video that Audrey made for last Sunday. We celebrated the day in a quiet way, reading aloud from "Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts," and having a cup of herbal tea in her honor.

(You'll want to pause the Playlist before viewing)

Speaking of tea, Queen Elizabeth is going to have a tea room open for the Small Dolls' Annual Fair, which is coming up this Labor Day; we'll be sure to post pictures!

Here is are the words from the flyers that are posted around the house, advertising the upcoming festivities~

Bennett Manor Annual SMALL Doll Fair
Featuring one-of-a-kind Art, Hand-Sewn clothing, Aprons, Bonnets, Pies, Bouquets, books, animal shows, games, rides and prizes! Write to Bennett Manor if you have any questions. HURRY, HURRY, HURRY! Come early and don’t forget anything! Weather Permitting, it will be held outside. You HAVE to be there!

One day only!
Labor Day, September 5, 2011


May you have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.




  1. The video is honor of a beautiful life indeed...Audrey did a wonderful job putting that together. I enjoyed it very much.I am sure all the little dolls are so very excited to have a tea in honor of the Queen..I can't wait to come back and visit for that.Blessings to all...

  2. Dear Marqueta,
    What a lovely celebration you shall have! Thanks for posting your TT Day and enjoy the fair:-) The video came out just lovely;-)

  3. Happy belated Tasha Tudor day. What a wonderful post and I know Tasha would love it. Audery you did a beautiful job on the video. Oh the doll fair sounds like a have to do event. I cannot wait to see more. Love Clarice

  4. I have always loved her. I watch her DVD Take Joy often and it blesses me so much.
    Smiles., Dottie

  5. Dear Marqueta, your video is beautiful (your blog that I discover too).
    Be blessed.

  6. Oh so very lovely! So nice to extend TTD a bit longer too!

  7. Happy Tasha Tudor Day ~It looks very pretty over here at your blog love all the new colors...And Yeah a Small Doll Fair can't wait to see pictures wish Anna had some small dolls here maybe the bigs ones would like to see what is going on hehehe ~have a great weekend Love Heather

  8. First how to photograph the moon and now how to make videos, I have a lot to learn from Audrey! Happy Tasha Day! You remind me of her, Marqueta, with your fun activities that you share with your children. Save a scone for me at you tea!

  9. Hello Marquetta,
    Your blog is such a lovely place! I could spend all day exploring it :) Tasha was an absolutely beautiful person and she lived not far from where I'm living now! What an inspiration for living your life in the way you'd like to :)



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