Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodbye September

White Snake Root blossoms
These are blooming everywhere, and are quite pretty!
We have heard that they are medicinal and that they are poisonous, so we won't be experimenting with them until we know more information~
Dear Friends,

How nice to see you today! We've been enjoying perfect Indian Summer weather, with amazing blue skies and golden sunshine. The leaves are just starting to turn, and we had to cut down our poke plants today, which had fallen over from growing so quickly in such a short amount of time.

Autumn is the perfect time to dress in layers again, and no outfit is complete without a pin made by our blog "twin" Lynn.

We're still getting a few tomatoes here and there, and we're letting the last of the green beans go to seed, so we'll have a supply for next year's garden.

A funny tomato with red-shouldered hawk for size comparison~

The small dolls are holding a Princess Charm School, which we hear is going to run for the next four years(!). The October issue of AnnaMarie's "Apron Pockets"  magazine is in the process of completion, and Audrey is deciding if she should make a magazine called "Forever Sisters" or "Better Birds and Photos."  Tasha is still the Nature Bature president, and we hope that she will be putting out an autumn issue soon!

 Does anyone know what these two items are? We found them lately at the thrift store, and we're pretty sure they're not bed warmers, with their short handles!

We've begun the process of thinning things out and packing everything we won't need for a while, showing the Lord that we're ready whenever He wants to show us our new home! Having just moved last year, we are amazed at how much "stuff" we've accumulated since then!

We are looking forward to spending a whole weekend together with Mister Graham, watching our church's General Conference via the internet. As it only happens twice a year, it is a special time of reflecting on our spiritual progress between conferences.

May you all have a wonderful weekend, however you may spend it!




  1. The flowers are lovely! We too are still getting tomoatoes! We found some of the same things in our antique store here, and I think they are warmers, if I remember right. You can look them up online. :)

    Happy Fall!

  2. A lovely post as always...I think they may be crumb trays,depending on the size..I am not certain...they came with a little brush to brush crumbs from the table...that's just my guess :)Anyhow they are pretty..especially the first one you shared. Blessings dear friend

  3. Shelley's right. They are also called silent butlers. Your hair is lovely Marqueta! The girl's publications sound like so much fun. When the boys were young they used to print the best newspapers. Wish we still had them, but after several moves, they've all disappeared. Have a happy October!

  4. Lovely Tasha Glam ;-) I agree one of Lynn's pins is perfect for this time of year. I love mine!! Clarice

  5. How wonderful that you are still getting tomatoes...mine have stopped, but my peppers are still going strong :)

    You look lovely as always dear friend.


  6. Hi Marqueta, I'm always fascinated by mystery objects. I've looked through all my antique books, of which I have quite a few, but sadly cannot find the answer. The silver one I would think is for bringing to the table. There might have been a dish that fitted inside and hot water would have been underneath and would have kept food warm. The pretty floral one is a mystery. Anyway, whaterever they are they are very lovely. Hope you are all enjoying a jolly weekend. Love to you all, Eli x

  7. Well I just have to say I can't wait for fall here and I am dressing in layers regardless hehehe It is still 100 every day ....I can't wait for our things to arrive though I am going to pull out all my autumn decorations. I wonder what that is you found? they do look like warmers but I am not completely sure?? Farewell September!! Wishing you a most wonderful October I have an address finally for you I will send it to you in an email ~Love Heather

  8. I love the nature pictures, as always. And you look absolutely lovely! You know how I feel about clothes! Thanks so much for sharing one of my pins. Not sure about what your finds are, but they are so pretty.

    Lynn "your twin"

  9. What a cheery post! Our Indian Summer has, I believe, just ground to a halt but it was heady and marvellous while it lasted. I am amazed by the roses we still have in bloom. Isn't nature wonderful? Tomatoes still? That's wonderful too.

    Have a beautiful day.

  10. So nice to see your pictures. We are having a lovely autumn windows open and cooler temps at night.

    Hope all is well.

    Love Erika

  11. Ah, Indian Summer, such a lovely time of year.
    I've never heard of Snake Root blossoms ~ so pretty, not sure I like the name though!
    I love your children's magazine titles, reminds me so much of Little Women.
    I love your pin ~ so pretty! I want my hair long again.
    Hope you and yours are having a wonderful day.

  12. Just stopping by to say Hello! :)


  13. Yup--they are 'crumb catchers'! My mom had one from Germany when I was a kid.

  14. Hope you're enjoying October now! The weather has been nice, although Im wishing for a bit of rain and gray skies ;) we didnt get a single tomato this summer. I was so disappointed in this year's garden!
    Hope you and yours have a beautiful autumn~


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