Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweet September

One of many Charlottes to be seen this September~
Dear Friends,

A merry day to you! We hope that we didn't scare anyone with our last post; we'll be blogging away as long as we are able. :) Our computer seems to be helping us to be more old-fashioned by running reeeeeally slooooowly, so we may be posting less frequently, but this blog has become a lovely place to log our family's many adventures in domestic felicity, as well as a vehicle for finding kindred friends, all around the world. Quite miraculous, when you stop to think about it!

Audrey and Tasha have been visiting family in Utah and Idaho for the past two weeks, and we have truly felt the absence of their presence in many ways. Each person in our lives has such an impact, and we feel so blessed to have the children and friends that enrich them.

We have been busy cleaning out our basement and packing things away to show the Lord that are ready to move just a soon as He points us in the right direction. We have also made a tied baby quilt for a friend at church with a little one on the way.
Everyone was willing to lend a helping hand!

AnnaMarie learns that teaching Frankie how to use a needle can be hazardous to the fingers!

What is it about making a quilt that gets little children so excited? I remember the thrill of hiding underneath the frame with my cousins when my mother and aunts had a quilt on, and I see that same excitement in my children's eyes when we start pinning the layers and put them on.

We have been enjoying the golden sunshine of late (although today we actually have a heater going, it's so cool!), and the long shadows of evening~

Evangeline has been practicing being a mommy some day~

And Rebecca is showing great signs of being a wonderful homemaker, too!

We've been finding new and unusual treasures at the thrift store~

And practicing painting in watercolors. Here is the first person I ever painted in watercolor, and I had to cheat and finish her in pencil, to get everything blended well enough (she still needs a bit of work). She started off as a Regency girl, but ended up Amish somehow. :)

We have been enjoying a little book about quilts that our friend Evelyn sent us a while back called "Cloth and Comfort," by Roderick Kiracofe, and a storybook about quilts called "The Patchwork Quilt," by Valerie Flournoy, which came with the book on tape.  They both us feel grateful that we grew up with a heritage of making beautiful items by hand, which are also useful and a blessing to others. Whenever we find an old piece of handiwork, even though we did not know its maker, we feel that same connection of love, and treasure it in our home. May we all be blessed to feel the love of one another as we give our love to those around us, each day of our lives.




  1. What beautiful days you have been enjoying dear friend! I so would love a quilt frame! I don't know where I would put it, but I would love to have one! :) I sent a letter your way today :) Love, Emily Fay

  2. I love seeing the spiders hanging on their webs in the Autumn. As kids, we would catch 'flying ants' (I think they are winged termites) and stick them on the spiders web and watch her scramble down to it and wrap it up round and round with her sticky blanket of web!

    I'm so glad you won't be stopping blogging ~ I would miss you very much, one of my first blogging friends!

    Audrey and Tasha must be having a grand time visiting family! But what a merry reunion you will have at their return!

    I've been doing a bit of cleaning in our basement, as well. But I'm not planning on moving anytime soon! Hope you will be let to the perfect place soon!

    I enjoyed so much, attending a quilting class in our church ~ felt so cozy and comforting to all be working on achieving the same goal!

    Our glorious warm/hot days of sunshine have finally come to an end. It has been pouring down rain here today. Just overnight, Fall has fallen!

    I think Evangeline is going to be a wonderful mommy and can you please send Rebecca over to wash floors for me? :~P

    You have certainly found some great treasures at the thrift store! Oh, that dear little pitcher/creamer! What a sweet little vase for flowers that will make!

    Hubby has gone hunting for the week, it is raining and I have nothing better to do, so I will join you in cozying up to a book tonight. I'm sure it will send me off to dreamland in nothing flat!

    A kindred spirit! ;~P

  3. It is a joy to share your lovely family. I enjoy reading a bit about what you are doing. Yes, it is cool here in the mountains, but the heaters will not be used until the end of October - hopefully not sooner :)

    Focusing on the blessing that is yet to happen, is to show complete trust on Him that will give provide it. All in His Time.



  4. Today's post is especially dear and sweet! I can just feel the season and sentiment so warmly in my heart!!
    The Charlot spider is perfect!:-)
    Great finds!! I think that Blue Delft pot is an apothicary inhalor!! Perfect for your Herb cabinet :-D
    And oh AnnaMarie is growing into such a lovely beautiful young woman!!!
    How blessed you are dearest Marqueta!!
    Blessings Love and Hugs, Linnie

  5. Hi Marqueta looks like everyone is doing well!! I wish it felt like september here it is still 140 in the afternoons when your at my blog do you ever check the temperature sometimes when I see what it says I am so surprised hehehe The quilt looks like it is coming along nicely and will be a wonderful gift!! and some very nice treasures you have found from the thrift store!! Enjoy your september and your painting is beautiful today!! Very nice for a first time water color looks like you seem to know what your doing there!! I am going to bake some goodies and then do some painting also ~Love Heather

  6. Hi Marqueta,
    you must be very busy getting packed up to move soon!
    I hope you find a lovely homestead to make your own :-)
    Your family is so sweet - what great little helpers you have there!
    Enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons, my friend.
    Love in Jesus..Trish

  7. So you love to rescue old needlework, too? I can't bear to see it in boxes, just as though it were nothing, and waiting to be tossed out! I always end up with strange bits of it because I think of the hands that so lovingly made it!

    Enjoy the wonderful Indian Summer Days as they drift by!

  8. What lovely days you have had. Bet you miss your girls. LOve the picture of Evangeline. So sweet!

  9. I love all of your little home-makers in training! And your watercolor is quite impressive... I certainly see regency!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. The spiders don't frighten me in the least, I think they are fascinating little creatures.

    Another beautiful Autumn in store for us all> Enjoy your pumpkins, quilts and cooking with that marvelous family of yours!

  11. I have a problem with spiders I'm afraid. I can't bear it when something gets caught in their webs, I feel I should try and rescue them...of course I don't..they have to eat after all, but it seems so macabre! Hope Audrey and Tasha are having a lovely time with relatives. Isabel sends her regards to Audrey. Very autumnal here in the UK. Fires are being lit in the evening just to take away the chill. Have a lovely week. Dev x

  12. wishing you all a happy and glorious fall! And what a wonderful painting you created, especially for a first try! You did an amazing job!~

  13. I love seeing all the activity in your home. I will be praying for you and God's leading. Clarice

  14. It's been awhile since I have visited your lovely little place in the blogsphere. :)

    I truly enjoyed the photo of your daughter holding the baby in her arms like a little mamma. That picture is too precious. :)

    I'm glad that you are enjoying quilting. I'm not there yet myself. I'm still learning how to sew. Hopefully in the future, I can do some quilting. I think quilt work is very beautiful. I like feeling the different textures with your hands.

    Well, I don't want this comment to get too much longer, but I truly enjoyed reading about all your family updates. Blessings!

    P.S. Your new blog background is lovely, too. :)

  15. i like your blog very colorful and very well done!

  16. That rosette doily you showed... I have the exact same one... except that it's in red, green and white for Christmas!

    Neat to see....


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