Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome Home Girls

Dear Friends,

A wonderful Wednesday to you! We are happy to report that Audrey and Tasha made it home safely from their trip out West, and that they had a lovely time.

They brought home lots of pictures of wide-open spaces~

And whimsical clouds

They visited our beloved Wolverine Canyon in Idaho~

~And our baby Victoria's grave~

We hope that the whole family will be able to visit, too, but are very grateful that Grandma and Grandpa Graham took two of us to visit our old stomping grounds! Thank the Lord for the ties that bind.



p.s. We hope you forgive us if we don't leave a comment on your blogs; we have been reading them, but our computer freezes up when we go to comment. Hopefully we'll have a nice new system soon!


  1. What a wonderful trip for them! The photos are breath-taking! I am so glad they were able to visit Idaho too :) Looking forward to when you can come out here and visit us all. Love to you all! (I am sending a letter your way this week - and P.S. Alyssa's letter to your girls was returned here as she wrote the wrong address... resending it along with mine)

  2. Having never been "West" I am always fascinated by how very different it is from the Atlantic Coast region and our mountains! What a lovely sky and "mountains??" is that what one calls the stone formations? So lovely!

  3. Lovely pictures...I know you were thrilled to have your girls back in your nest ...but,so nice they were able to visit....I didn't know you had a wee one in sorry for your loss. Blessings to your home...

  4. Bet your one happy mama to have your her chicks back in the roost.

  5. Great pictures GIRLS!!
    Glad that you are home safe and that you had such a wonderful adventure!!!
    Blessings to you all and Hugs and Love too!

  6. Oh Sweet Friend, thank you for sharing such breathtaking pictures!

    And thank you for the lovely card and the little surprise :) I was so touched that you remembered.

    In His Love,



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