Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Fair Day for the Dolls!

 Dear Friends,

Happy Labor Day to you! It was a perfect day for the annual Small Doll Fair today, which was held in the back yard. The dolls (and their mistresses) have been hard at work for the past few weeks; sewing, drawing, book-making, animal-washing, and other various preparatory activities. The days flew by, and finally the special day came when everyone's talents were displayed.
~Elvis was happy to provide the entertainment on the bandstand~

. . . And his audience was happy to listen!

 An aerial view~

Baked Goods~
~Fine Arts~

The menagerie~

A delighted fair-goer~
Hand-crafted Books~

The Ferris Wheel~

More of the menagerie~

And more fair-goers~

Aprons and other handicrafts were modeled before being sold~
And last but not least, tea and crumpets with the queen!

And now the fair is over, for another year. I wonder what next year's fair will bring?




  1. Tis truly a lovely Fair indeed and looks as if it was very fun...everyone looks like they had a good time. While here in Texas our firefighters are fighting fires all over...some are very close to my home and the homes of my daughters...there are many prayers going up but,sadly a young mother and her dear 18 month old baby girl burned to death in their home about 20 miles from me...I am so very sad about this.I am praying for those she has left behind. Blessings to your sweet family dear Marqueta.

  2. Hey guys it looked like a very nice doll fair.

  3. Such a lovely fair Marqueta...
    I love all the handmade crafts and the childrens smiles.

  4. Hi Marqueta and fair goers (dolly and human). What can I say! Your fair is fantastic. What a lot of planning, preparation and hard work went into it. I particularly like your homemade books (I'm a great fan of books) and the ferris wheel is amazing. I did wonder if the aerial shot of the dolls (some topsy-turvy) was in fact a view from the top of the wheel and the fun came from falling out of the buckets rather than going round and round!! Indeed the dollies seem to have had a wonderful day to remember and I will show your blog post to my older (sensible) dolls who might consider a similar day of fun. As always lots of love to you all from England, Eli x

  5. Wow! Elvis and the queen! That was quite a venue. Looks like you had the best entertainment around. You all are so clever and talented! What a fun family you are.

  6. What a lovely fair! I love that they were able to have tea with the queen! And the little books are so beautiful!!!! Love from Utah!

  7. What fun times you provide for your children, it is just wonderful. I often wished for little girls, but got little boys instead. We had a lot of fun too, but not the kind of fun you can have with dolls and tea parties, ours involved things like crawdad races and treehouses.
    PS I highly recommend those 2 books on papercutting, especially the first one. Do I understand that you are moving further out into the country?

  8. What and your girls are very creative! :)


  9. Your little ones look so very happy. You have a very special way about you.
    Smiles, Dottie

  10. WoW! what a lovely fair.. that looks very fun.=D

  11. What a perfect doll fair. I really love the ferris wheel!! This is a lovely tradition, you need to do every year!!! Clarice


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