Monday, July 7, 2008

America Begins at Home

I found this poem in an old Ideals called "Our Heritage". It seemed to go along with what I wrote yesterday, but in a more eloquent way.

"America Begins at Home"
America begins at home
With every child's need
For guidance and direction
In establishing a creed.
The roots that shape America
Are formed most surely where
A child spends the vital years
Within his parents' care.
Perhaps the close-knit family
Where each one has a task
Does more to aid America
Than anyone could ask.
Responsibilities at home
Build roots both firm and strong.
To guide our future leaders
In whatever comes along.
To work and strive is no disgrace,
Instead it is a joy
To build a great America
That cannot be destroyed.
This beautiful America,
So blessed with liberty,
Begins at home. . . its true success
Depends on you and me.
~Craig E. Sathoff

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  1. Dear Marqueta,
    I just finished reading your previous post to my son! He, like I, agreed with everything you said! This is a beautiful poem and it goes so well with your previous post, but I must say YOU wrote very eloquently and I enjoyed reading every word, again!


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