Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Sketchy Sketches

My Dear Readers,

I hope you are staying cool this afternoon!

Frankie, Evangeline and I thought we'd draw some of the pretty roses in our yard while they were blooming. Here is the result: (You'll have to look sideways)

But I did this one all by myself.

Someday, maybe I'll be able to paint roses like this!

(I can dream, can't I?)

Here's a poem that I wrote several years ago, when I only had two little helpers:

I hope you like it (I still haven't thought of a title for it.).

Sometimes an artist works in oils, sometimes he works in soils.

Some may work in ink and pen, others only work the land.

There are those who study in Paris and Rome,

But I think I'll study my gardens at home.

I'll put my wandering foot to work spading the ground,

And wait there to see if my life's work can't be found.

On a side note, may I just say that I am so honored to be part of the art of the counter-culture which is found on the many homemaking blogs that I love? Where there is ugliness, you are planting beauty. Where there is crudeness, you are planting refinement. May we all support each other, helping to bring back to society something that has been lost for too long.

Love to all,



  1. Your roses are lovely, Marqueta, and the roses your children drew are just delightful. I like the poem, and like you are happy to be counted among the counter-cultural.

  2. Marqueta,

    Your drawing is quite lovely! I think your poem is quite pretty - how about putting it on a frame this way you could see it all the time and smile :)

    many blessings, dear friend,


  3. Dear Marqueta,
    Thank you for sharing the lovely drawings! Your roses are beautiful and your poem is delightful! Thank you for your encouraging words and for the loveliness you share on your Sweete Felicity Home blog.
    Blessings, Paula

  4. Thank you ladies, for your sweet comments! I've never thought of putting my poem in a frame Mari (modesty, you know), but that might fun to do.

    Love to you,



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