Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Tasha's Birthday, etc.

Today is my Fairy Fay's birthday. She's a big seven this year (Wasn't it yesterday that they were small?) Here are some pictures of her in her birthday dress with a few presents. (And of course, to be fair, we have to throw in some pictures of everyone ELSE's birthdays too, don't we?)

"Little Miss Muffet" the Balloon Killer (she popped two this morning)

Supplies for the budding artiste.

AnnaMarie gave her some Molly (American Girl) paper dolls.

Frankie turned one in March (No toys needed; just balloons, thank you!).

AnnaMarie's birthday was in May (with all her pretty little horses).

And Audrey's birthday was in June. Here she is posing with her raw "cake", which was made from a base of nut/date crust with frozen banana/berry/coconut topping.

I can't seem to find any of Evangeline's birthday, so we'll save those for another time, eh?

I'm very grateful that I have been allowed to have each child for another year. I am truly blessed.




  1. Marqueta, thank you very much for visiting my blog. Your daughters look such sweet little girls and your little boy is darling. Happy Birthday to your Tasha!

    I've looked around your blog and am really looking forward to coming back. I have a penchant for antique writings about the home, too. Every time I go to my granny's, I'm always bringing back old magazines and books (from the 1800's). I love to read them and always want to share bits and pieces, too.

    Thanks again for the visit. I look forward to stopping by again soon.

    Mrs. Maybrook

  2. Dear Marqueta,
    Happy birthday to your sweetie! I enjoyed all the photos of your beautiful children! What a blessing children are, a gift from God!

    I am going to read the part two and three of How to be a Good Wife that you posted. Thank you so much for sharing these encouraging writings!

    May the Lord bless you today!

  3. Thank you so much! Tasha ran out of the room when I read your comments to her (modesty).



    p.s. Wow, Mrs. Maybrook, your granny has books and magazines that old? I've spent a fortune searching for them on eBay! My dream is to buy a house with a trunkful in the attic.

  4. I love celebrating birthdays - they are so much fun :) Marqueta tell me, the blouse that your little girl is wearing - did you make it? it is really pretty!



  5. Dear Mami,
    I Like Birth-Days!!!
    I Love You And I Like You!
    I Cannot Wait For My Next Birth-Day!:)


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