Sunday, July 6, 2008

What If?

A happy Sabbath to you, Dear Reader!

My husband told me last week about a special church meeting he attended in which the evils that occur in public school were addressed, and what could be done to keep our children from succumbing to the temptations which are so prevalent there. Specific goings-on in our local small-town schools were mentioned, which greatly shocked most of the parents in the meeting. I asked him what they offered for a solution, he said they advised more scripture study, family prayer and devotionals, and keeping the lines of communication open with the children.

As good as these ideas are, I was really surprised that no one mentioned the fact that where our children are educated is a choice we make. I offered a prayer in my heart for these families whose lives are being torn apart by wickedness, and also a prayer of thanks for a husband who allows and supports my dream of home education. Lord willing, my children will reach maturity without almost constant exposure to an anti-Christian culture.

My husband admitted that he wondered why in the world I wanted to keep our children at home when I first desired it, but that now, as they grow older, he is very grateful that they have had such sheltered lives.

I have not been able to keep from thinking of all the parents who really want the best for their children, but are afraid or unsure of what keeping them home would be like.

What, indeed, would happen, if every professing Christian family (with father and mother in the home) did decide to keep their children home with them, and sheltered them as much as possible from the world? What if they got rid of their televisions (and etc.), except to watch the occasional home video or morally clean movie? What if they stopped listening to the world's music and played nothing but the Classical Masters or other God-honoring music instead? What if they relinquished their cell phones and learned to talk and write letters again? What if they started treating the Sabbath as holy, worshipping Jesus instead of the god of Fun? What if they dropped their children out of sports and other outside activities, and put more effort into home culture instead?

What changes do you think we'd see? Maybe families would band together to help the single mothers who would love to homeschool but cannot find the support they need. Maybe the unemployment rate would go down, as working mothers gave their jobs to heads of households. Maybe more people would grow their own food, so the rising cost of groceries would not be so concerning. Maybe there would no longer be a gas shortage in America, since there would not be so much of going hither and yon. Maybe the national debt would decrease, as people saw less need for more stuff.

Maybe women and girls would learn to sew again, and Zion would "put on her beautiful garments", in preparation of the Second Coming of the Lord. Maybe the Lord would want to come back sooner.

Maybe there would be more cottage industries popping up, as fathers began to desire to spend more time with their families. Maybe the churches would be filled and the malls would be closed. Maybe fast food chains would go out of business, and more farmer's markets would be created. Maybe people would get to know their neighbors again, and neighborhoods would be safer places to be. Maybe, just maybe.

I could go on, imagining how our entire culture would be influenced by our choosing home, but I know I'm in hot water already! Obviously, our family is not perfect, just because we choose a simpler, home-based life. Each family is different and has to choose for themselves.

I will continue to pray; praying for all of us, no matter what our choices may be, that we may be wise in making them.

Love to you all.


  1. Dear Marqueta,

    Oh, dear friend, how I was so blessed and encouraged by this entry!!! Amen!!! I love and agree with every single word you wrote so beautifully! I also loved all the wonderful pictures of your beautiful family!!! I can see the love of our Lord Jesus shining brightly in each of your faces. I thank the Lord that you found my blog and took time to leave a comment so that the Lord could bring me to your blog!

    I am so thankful the Lord showed us to educate our son at home, to protect and shelter him just as the Lord does us. My husband, too, is so thankful our son is so sheltered! It is my prayer, like yours, that our son will reach maturity without constant exposure to an anti-Christian culture! We got rid of our television 11 years ago. What a blessing that has been to each of us. Though our family thought us weird for educating our son at home, getting rid of the tv, eating organically, dressing modestly, and so on... after 11 years of it we would not change a thing even with all the disapproval and hurtful words we have endured! We do watch carefully chosen dvd's on our computer. We love classical music and hymns! We have never been involved in activities instead we love being at home and spending time together as a family!

    I just love all your "what ifs!" Oh, Marqueta, can you imagine if every believer in Christ did those things, and put, as you said, more effort into the home culture? I think we would see all the changes you mentioned! I love every word you said!!! Those are just the things we envision in our family and would love to see all around us!

    We, too, are not perfect, far from it, but we also have chosen a simpler home-based life, and we pray for my husband to be able to work from home!

    I will join you in prayer, that we would all make wise choices. May the Lord richly bless you for writing this may he bring people to your lovely blog to read these words of wisdom, kindness and encouragement that He put in your heart to write!

    I am going to read this to my husband and son. I know they will be blessed, too! Thank you so very much for sharing this with me!

    Thank you for visiting me and for your kind comments. My husband and son are very thankful for the organic food I cook and bake for them. After the Lord saved me (11 years ago) one of the many things He showed me was how to cook and to eat organic whole foods. He has blessed us so much and I am thankful for all He has shown me and all He continues to show me. I have so much to learn!!!

    May the Lord richly bless you and your precious family!

    P.S. I love to write letters... if you would like we could correspond with one another.

  2. Dear Marqueta,

    Love to you, too!

  3. It is me once again! I forgot to tell you how pretty your flowers are and how pretty you and your girls are, so feminine and modest. Your men-folk are handsome too! I can see how much you all love each other and what a happy home-life you all have. Just looking at those photos I can see your precious children delight in simple things, being in God's creation, enjoying their friendship with each other, the way it should be between brothers and sisters. The joy on each of your faces is a testimony to the Lord and His ways, to living in the world but not being a part of it, to choosing a simpler happier life that children need and deserve. I am so very blessed and inspired by your and your family! The Lord be praised!!!

  4. You have such a way with putting my thoughts and suspicions into words. You have no idea how inspiring you are. I wish I could be around you so some of your patience and knowledge could rub off onto me. I love you and strive to be more like you for I have seen the proof of your ideas in my family.

    It is funny that I found this link to your blog today. We just returned from the mountains yesterday where Adam's grandparents just bought 300 acres with four homes, two ponds, tennis courts, horse stables (6 horses there already). One of the tiny unfashionable homes is empty and we are toying with the idea of moving there to get away from the city and possibly rent out our currrent house. Adam could drive to work in 45 minutes daily. My husband would do it in a heartbeat, my gut tells me to get out of Bakersfield, but my pride tells me I can't live in a tiny, ugly house with huge brown spiders lurking. I am struggling to let go of my wordly desires and take my kids to some daily serenity. I pray I make the right decision for them.

    I am choked up with the idea that I could actually garden and be an inspiring mother like you.

    I love you and miss you terribly.

  5. Oh Aubrie,
    I miss you, too! The peas are just coming on in the garden, and I always think of the two of us raiding Grandma's pea patch when we were little! The old creepy house sounds very romantic (really!), except maybe the spiders. They'd be romantic to Anne of Green Gables, I guess. I'd say go with your gut, but of course, going with your gut doesn't always make life easier! Just better on a cellular level. I pray that you find peace, whatever you decide.

    Love you lots,


  6. I am spending a few minutes on a sunny morning here in the Puget Sound, getting to know you...
    you have a precious family and I am enjoying the sweet spirit of your blog...I will be back..


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