Friday, July 11, 2008

Cayenne Pepper-More Than Just Hot Sauce

Good morning, Dear Readers,

It's a beautiful sunny day here, and we're about to head out to the garden again (in fact, we've already harvested some peas and turnips for breakfast), but I thought I'd share a little information I've learned first hand.

While studying to become a Master Herbalist, through the School of Natural Healing, I learned the wonders of Cayenne pepper for circulation and checking bleeding. I must say it is wonderful (although a bit uncomfortable) sprinkled on a deep cut; the bleeding stops almost instantly. Supposedly, one tablespoon of Cayenne administered in warm water will keep a heart attack from being fatal, as well, but we've not had experience with that one (thank the Lord).

But recently, I've been suffering from varicose veins which were almost debilitating. I would hobble around in the morning, and by the afternoon my legs felt like they were made out of lead.

I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before, but I remembered the cayenne, and started taking 1/3 teaspoon, two times a day this past week, and it has made a BIG difference! Enormous is probably a better word. The veins are still swollen, but the congested blood is moving through, and I can do almost anything I could normally.

We are so blessed with a kind Heavenly Father who has given us these simple, wonderful herbs for food and medicine! I feel very blessed to have been exposed to this knowledge, and hope that you will give it a try in your family as well.

Love to you all,


p.s. I forgot to mention to that homemade salsa with lots of garlic and cayenne is a great way to break up a cold!


  1. Cayenne is such an awesome addition to the diet!
    I am enjoying your blog. :)

  2. Dear Marqueta,
    I love cayenne and using the wonderful herbs the Lord created for us for food and medicine too! He is a kind Heavenly Father! Thank you for sharing this information, I am so glad you were able to become a master herbalist. You have a lot of knowledge to share! I am thankful the cayenne has helped you so much!


  3. Dear Marqueta,

    This probably sounds like an ignorant question~ but really, how would you suggest a person take cayenne? Somehow, it doesn't seem like one should mix it with yogurt!I think I would like to try this. How long did you have to take it before you saw it was helping.

  4. Hi Sharon,

    I take cayenne in a little bit of water, (as fast as possible!), followed by a chaser glassful of water or juice. I've heard you can take it in peanut butter, but I've never tried. You can also take capsules, but you have to drink a LOT of water, or they stick in your throat! Ack! I had to take it for about half a week before noticing any effects. It's nice to stand up in the mornings now and not think "Wow, how in the world am I going to get through today?"!

    Take care,


  5. Thank you Marqueta for the information. I can probably handle that! My son, who is our "Mr Hot Mouth" will be impressed!


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