Monday, July 7, 2008

Frank Benson, Painter of Summer

Good Morning, my friends,

I was reading the July 1992 issue of Victoria Magazine (which my husband bought me for my birthday), when I came across a beautiful article on Frank Benson, who was an Impressionist painter from the early 1900s. What I loved about his paintings, is that they all featured his children and grandchildren, outdoors enjoying the summer. He would have them dress in their best clothes and then paint them outdoors.

One of the reasons I love Victoria is for all the informative articles. I've learned so much about the culture of the past: painters, authors, poets, naturalists. If you have a chance to pick up some old issues at a flea market or even eBay, you will not be disappointed!

Here are some of Frank Benson's paintings for you to enjoy, along with a poem by St. George Tucker called "Resignation, or, Days of My Youth"

Days of my youth,
Ye have glided away;
Hairs of my youth,
Ye are frosted and gray;

Eyes of my youth,

Your keen sight is no more;

Cheeks of my youth,

Ye are furrowed all o'er;

Strength of my youth,

All your vigor is gone;

Thoughts of my youth,

Your gay visions are flown.

Days of my youth,

Iwish not your recall;

Hairs of my youth,

I'm content you should fall;

Eyes of my youth,

You much evil have seen;

Cheeks of my youth,

Bathed in tears have you been;

Thoughts of my youth,

You have led me astray;

Strength of my youth,

Why lament your decay?

Days of my age,

Ye will shortly be past;

Pains of my age,

Yet a while ye can last;

Joys of my age,

In true wisdom delight;

Eyes of my age,

Be religion your light;

Thoughts of my age,

Dread ye not the cold sod;

Hopes of my age,

Be ye fixed on your God.

Have a blessed day,


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