Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby, it's Hot Outside!

Dear Friends,

A happy day to you! We have been hiding out in our basement lately, since it's the coolest place in the house (and the sewing machine is down there, calling to us). But when it's cool in the mornings and evenings, we've been having lots of fun doing things like~

~Playing with chickens

Discovering new bugs~

Catching up with "Majestic", the Osage Orange that we're following this year~

(Woodpecker holes)

Seeing if we can fly as high as an elephant's eye~

And playing with chickens again!
We've discovered that brown thrashers can sound like mockingbirds~

And that cleavers can make a nifty bandelo~

And that dachshunds don't hold still very well when they're having their portraits taken!

We hope that you are making some time to explore and learn, as well!




  1. ::::::::::Mother::::::::::

    I agree with the title, one hundred percent:)>

    What a lovely post. Very well done, my dear :).

    you are nice, I love you most, more then... I don't know:)



  2. Well, I certainly got out there and did some exploring! I walked, I would say, approximately 15 miles in one day! I discovered an abandoned car by the river! It still had the tires on, which were now sunk way down in the muck!

    The main reason I took such a long walk was so that I could do more counting, which I did. I am ALMOST at Base Thirty-Two: "20000", which is decimal 2,097,512.

    Remember when I passed 2 million? I thought I might get to 2,097,512 that week! Hah-hah! What a wake up call it had been to actually attempt to count that far! Even the "left-over" amounts take the longest of time!

    That, however, is what I consider one of the biggest benefits of counting like this: You gain a new-found respect - over and over again - for numbers that you THOUGHT you had any kind of appreciation for; whether that be "million", or "hundred thousand", or "ten thousand" or even thousand.

    After all, who among us ever really counts very far beyond one hundred?

  3. Can I join you in the basement please! After my sunny post yesterday we have rain again today and we are all in winter clothes can you believe that! What a magical world you have discovered around your new home, there must something new every day. Keep cool all! Eli x

  4. Wish I could send you some of our cooler weather Marqueta! That Osage orange tree is beautiful. Forgot how wonderful it was to swing. Every year we would aim to get high enough to go over the bars. Never happened! One of the first goals I remember setting.

  5. It is hot here also. I really enjoyed your chicken photos. I have chicken love...

  6. A lovely way to spend a hot day, enjoy xoox Clarice

  7. Yes, it is hot, but then it is the beginning of summer :)

  8. Dear Marqueta,

    You are moving closer to that summer heat of which I have written! LOL. It's been hot here too. I'm thankful that the apartment stays cool!

    The hat looks mighty fashionable on the chicken. I know your animals feel quite special.

    Love the picture of you! I owe you a letter. My life is so busy, the days run out before very much is off the to-do list. We love your book and I want to write a proper review.


  9. Marqueta, That top picture with the chicken is absolutely adoarable!! Stay cool in the heat dear friend.

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  11. You have such a lovely family Marqueta, and I love the way they are growing up with an appreciation for animals and nature. Long live chickens in sombreros!

  12. We could do woth some nice warm sun here in the UK right now, it is so cold at the moment. Have signs of our eggs beginning to hatch today, we can here cheeping and pecking coming from inside the shells. So exciting! Love your hen in a hat! Have a lovely day. dev x

  13. Exploring before the sun make it up above the tallest shade trees is magical. Cool with a promise of extreme heat. Quiet, as not everyone appreciates this hour... Alive, as most critters do!

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. okay--the chicken in the sombrero took me completely by surprise--and I roared. Glad you are stayin' cool.

  15. Oh dear one, I must come here while blogspot is letting me post comments... it has been crasy lately!!!*grin*
    Thank you for your visit and sweet comment on my silly daughter's clips. I had to laugh because when i first saw I told them I had no idea what it meant! They looked me as ' how come you did not get it?" i just told them hat I am a little *slow* at times!!!LOL
    i am just happy to see my teenagers still playing with the dolls and having fun!
    it is VERY hot here too and all farm work much be done early in morning and late evening...
    You have a blessed weekend in the lordps. the children in the pictres are adorable.


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