Friday, June 10, 2011

Teeny Toads, Terrific Turtles, and Spiders Great and Small

 Dear Friends,

We are happy to report that the weather has cooled a bit, and that we even had a bit of rain today. We shall be dreaming of screened-in porches and vine-covered pergolas for the next few months!

The other day we were delighted to discover a family of "wee wittle" toads that had "hatched out" in our yard. We made them a little pond out of an old casserole pan, to cool off on a hot day (when they're not hiding under the house).

We were even MORE delighted yesterday to discover our very first Three-toed Box Turtle, in the neighbor's yard~


The resident president of the Nature Bature Club was especially delighted!  
We planned on keeping the turtle in a box overnight and releasing him in a wilderness preserve, but he was so unhappy being captive we released him in the woods behind our house, instead. We hope he knows enough to stay out of the busy road nearby!

When Mr. Graham went to start the lawn mower the other day, out popped a humongous  Fishing Spider, which was not sure what to make of things! We popped him in a bottle and released him faaaaaaar away in the woods behind the house, too (how wonderful to have woods behind the house!).


~These little Blacktailed red sheetweaver spiders are much less spooky-looking, for sure!

Tomorrow is Miss Audrey's birthday, so we'd better be off to put the house to rights before the party! May you have a most wonderful day.




  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter Marqueta :)

    May she enjoy herself.


  2. Yes! A happy birthday indeed! I love the way you employed alliteration in your title! And I love the way you're so happy about EVERYTHING! You're blog is the absolute best - just like you!

  3. Oh my! Such fun nature studies going on about your home! :) I love the little frogs - and what a great idea to use an old casserole dish! The spiders are VERY creepy! That fish spider is very scary to me. EEK! And yes! Thank goodness you have a woods nearby to deposit the unwanted things. lol

    Have a beautiful weekend dear friend!
    Emily Fay

  4. How exciting all the nature. We have gopher turtles as neighbors they are so neat to come up on lumbering down our country road.

    Wyatt saw a bobcat on our road last week while us girls were gone.

    Spiders and snakes get my eek factor going. There was a snake in the pool last week when some of us went swimming in the middle of the night. Yes, I screamed since it found its way on

    I love the forest the sounds are so relaxing...

    Love erika

  5. Isn't summer marvelous? I can hardly be productive for all of the wonderful distractions...

    And a very Happy Birthday to miss Audrey!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Toads, Turtles, and Spiders! Oh, my!
    Love the little toads/frogs. And the Turtle is charming, but I will pass on that humongus spider!!! They really don't bother me unless they are on me, but the Fishing Spider is soooo big, it does give me the willies just abit! Yes! So grand to have woods behind the house ~ we have them, too! What I like best is that they are like our very own without having to pay the taxes! ;~P
    Awww! I wonder what delightfulness you are planning for Audrey's B.Day? Always filled with fun!
    Happy Day, Audrey! Be Blessed with many, many more!

  7. Wonderful indeed to have woods in the back yard!! And turtles and frogs are a JOY!!
    Sending a "HAPPY BIRTHADAY" to Aurdrey and looking forward to peeking in on all the fun!
    Blessings Hugs and Love,

  8. That's a good idea about make a mini pond for the toads. Need to do this for them, as they are always so nice to keep me company while I weed the garden. Happy birthday to Audrey, the most wonderful photographer of the night sky!

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet the picture of your wee one and the chicken in your previous sweet...blessings to all...

  10. How cool to find such creatures. We do not have turtles around here but we have had sea otter before. Stay cool or come to my house, it is cold ;-) xoxo Clarice

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  12. What critters you've had cross your path! Summer always brings them out, we've set a couple of turtles free to race to the creek behind our house already, and summer's not even half over!
    Ooooh, I got my Victoria Magazine today and saw one of the reader letters was from YOU about TASHA TUDOR! I was like "I know that book!" and then "I know HER!" lol, how fun! Love seeing that :)

  13. Not sure that I would be able to deal with the spider. Silly really, but they just give me the absolute creeps...uuugh...makes me shudder just looking at the picture. Not sure what I would do if it jumped out on me from the lawnmower or anywhere else for that matter. Happy birthday to Audrey, hope she has a lovely day. dev x

  14. Marqueta, Firstly , happy birthday to your lovely daughter. She and my youngest ,Ben, would get along just fine. He LOVES reptiles and wild animals. he knows a lot about them too.
    We have a good size pond here at the farm and days like today, one can see the turtles "sunbathing" at the bank.*grin*
    Thank you for your visit!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!

    It looks as though you are having a wonderful time exploring! I love visiting and seeing all the things you and your crew discover! Isn't it wonderful to see the world through the eyes of our children.

  16. Dear Marqueta,

    What a time you all are having with your nature adventures! We are learning about apartment creatures! Good we can maintain communication with WILD creatures through your blog. :)

    Love and hugs,


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