Saturday, June 18, 2011

For Little Things~

For Little Things

Last night I looked across the hills
And through an arch of darkling pine
Low-swung against a limpid west
I saw a young moon shine.

And as I gazed there blew a wind,
Loosed where the sylvan shadows stir,
Bringing delight to soul and sense
The breath of dying fir. 

This morn I saw a dancing host
Of poppies in a garden way,
And straight my heart was mirth-possessed
And I was glad as they.

I heard a song across the sea
As sweet and faint as echoes are,
And glimpsed a poignant happiness
No care of earth might mar.

Dear God, our life is beautiful
In every splendid gift it brings,
But most I thank Thee humbly for
The joy of little things.

~Lucy Maud Montgomery


  1. Amen Marqueta! Lovely photography. All those little things become the sum total of a life.

  2. PERFECT!!!!

    Just perfectly perfect!

    Linnie ;-D

  3. what lovely pictures, as always though. Very inspiring.

    Have a wonderful Sabbath.



  4. I enjoyed the poem, Marqueta, and what beautiful photos! This is a wonderful time of year, isn't it?

  5. I love LMM's poetry! :) We were just reading from her works the other day! Oh please send some of your beautiful green our way ~ Oh how I miss the green of the midwest! What beautiful photos!

  6. Marqueta,

    This was a lovely poem!

    By the way, I notice that you are following my poetry blog. I am just letting you know that I had to make it private because I'm having some "troll" problems. :(

    -Mrs. Housewifey

  7. I really and truly loved this. So happy to find this poem and the photos were splendid. I just really felt this post. Loved it.

  8. beautiful!! loved the pictures :)kind of funny how everything where you live is getting greener and greener and here it is getting browner and browner... blogger is not letting me sign in so I am anonymous lol but you know who I am hehehe Love Heather

  9. Beautiful words and pictures, just the thing to read on a wet, windy and dismal day in the UK. Looking forward to parcel and little fairy writing a letter also. Have a lovely week. Dev x

  10. Dear Marqueta,

    Awwww, so sweet, and a good thought to hang on to. Little things.

    Love the pretty pictures!


  11. Dearest Marqueta,

    I hope you will see this comment, I am not sure what blog to post a comment on..I want to thank you so much for your visit today and reading your profile is such a blessing to me! Living the life you desire and JESUS making it all possible is the only way to live! Many blessings to you and I am not sure which blog to follow here...OH I SEE MY FRIEND LINNIE HERE! Anita

  12. Oh dearest, so pleased to make your acquainatence! I am trying to remember where I have seen you name before...maybe at the Dutchess...she is my pal and I visit her every day when she posts...but I would love to hear from you:


  13. Oh dear Marqueta, (((That))) was exactly what I was hopping to hear!!!*grin*
    I will futher work on my techinic!!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  14. Ah, Little things indeed. I have always believed that happiness lies in the appreciation of life's little wonders. If you can find joy in the flicker of a firefly, or the whiff of honeysuckle in the breeze or the feel of a kittens silky coat, you can be a deeply happy person.


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