Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Audrey

Dear Friends,
Thank you for coming by today; let us pour you a nice cool  glass of raspberry/mint tea! We have had two more days of cooler weather (whew!), and are extremely grateful for them. Each day has been a real treasure, complete with cooling rain showers.

We celebrated our dear Audrey's 12th birthday on Saturday, and fortunately Mr. Graham had the day off to be here for the party. Grandma and Grandpa Graham came, too, as we commemorated another year of life of our second-born child.

Happy birthday, Audrey~ May you always be blessed!




  1. Dear Mama,

    Thank you for the nice birthday post- I'm tickled pink!



  2. Happy birthday dear Audrey. May you have a hundred more!

  3. Looks like Audrey had a wonderful day with her family around her which is what it is all about really isn't it? Glad it is a bit cooler for you all today, the sun is shining here for now but more rain on it's way. (Little Fairy is compiling a letter and little surprise).

  4. Wishing Audrey a very Happy Birthday and a blessed year! God bless you sweet girl:-)

  5. happy birthday! 12 is such a special age.

    Love Erika

  6. Hi Audrey it's Isabel your penpal!
    i hope you had a lovely birthday! i've started writing you a letter and i made you a present, sorry it's a bit late but i only knew it was your birthday because of your mums blog. I have lots to tell you but ill put it in your letter!
    Bye for now!
    P.S. id dont have my own blog but i will comment under my mums name!

  7. Dear Aubrey,
    I'm sure you had a most wonderful birthday with your family! Wishing you many blessings, you are a beautiful young Lady!

  8. Sweet Audrey. I know she is a blessing. She is pretty and sweet. I am sorry to be so slow in sending birthday wishes to the Graham home. Package coming together, piece by piece, to be sent your way. You know me, the slow poke that I am, but work gets in my way! LOL. If only the tooth fairy would pay my bills, but I'd like to keep my teeth for now, so will keep on working!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  9. Happy Birthday Audrey! Hope it was a wonderful day!

  10. Happy birthday Audrey, it looks like it was lovely. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady xoxo Clarice


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