Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for visiting today. My, but we have had quite the number of thunder storms here lately! Every day has brought its set of storms. Fortunately, it only took us one time of being pelted with hail while rescuing the chickens to realize we had better get them BEFORE the clouds get here. At least terrified chickens are easy to catch!

We hope that we will still have some zucchini seedlings left, since they were hard-hit by the hail. At least it hasn't snowed or frozen, as it usually does this time of June.

It is so exciting to watch the peas develop their blossoms, as well as the tomatoes and raspberries, and to see the little strawberries forming on the plants. It is a time of promise and hope for the future. The garden teaches us so many lessons that we can apply to our own lives. Even if the storms do damage some things, they do not stop growing, for fear that something worse will come along. They "do or die", until they have finished their purpose on earth, whether that is fulfilled in one year, in two, or in the long-term. May we do the same!

We were blessed to be able to go out and be in nature a couple of times, and look for wild foods at the same time. We tried cattail hearts for the first time, and found that some taste better than others! They remind one of cucumber, but more fibrous. Today we harvested some watercress and would have been able to have picked enough for the queen's army to come over for sandwiches, there was so much there! We have never seen watercress growing so thickly, almost chocking the cattails, before. Hmm, maybe we should sell it door to door (In the city, of course, since country folk already go pick it themselves!).

Yesterday for "Prairie Tuesday" we made clothespin dolls, according to the pattern found in "MaryJane's Ideabook" by MaryJane Butters. Power tools sure come in handy for making primitive toys! Really, though, we'd like to get a good set of gimlets, etc., to be more authentic. We'll have to take pictures of the girls with their dolls (Frankie got a "Pirate King" doll, seen here in the making).

We went to the thrift stores yesterday to look for more gathering baskets, and finally found some suspenders for Frankie, so he won't have to run around holding up his britches! Doesn't he look like a good little Amish boy?
Until next time, may you and yours be blessed,



Life Isn't Long

Life isn't long~a mother's song. . . And then another's smile. . .
Then romping feet, and then the sweet. . .
Remembrances awhile. . .

From gold to gray, from dawn to day. . .
And then the twilight hours. . .
Life is too brief to hunt for brief. . .For thorns among the flowers.

If hurt today by what men say. . . If wounded by a friend . . .
Oh, let tonight set all things right. . .
Let trouble have an end. . .

Life is too short to let report. . . Or rumor long annoy. . .
Today has had so much so glad. . . We need it all for joy.

God's world, God's word. His breeze, His bird. . .
No hand can rob you of. . .
Wrong comes too late for hearts to hate. . .
There is so much to love. . .

Life isn't long, just time for song. . .
And love, and things sublime. . .
Be not concerned with thoughts that burned. . .
Good friends, there isn't time.

~Author unknown


  1. Your garden looks like it is blooming well~Enjoy all those good eats! That was some impressive thunderstorm clouds looks like I'm not the only one ducking for cover. Have a blessed day ~Thanks for sharing ~Heather ;-)

  2. Whoa, what clouds! And snow in June? I fear I'd never make it!

    Dear Marqueta, I love your words about the lessons in nature. You are so right and those are encouraging words I needed to hear today.

    The suspenders are great! He looks quite the little man in those, ready for exploring or playing or gathering or just whatever comes his way!

    Enjoy today. I love the idea for clothespin dolls for Prairie Tuesday! I hope to have a post for our Prairie Tuesday later today.


  3. I love thunder storms ~ the flashing light and crashing booms! And yet I am frightened of them at the same time! They are thrilling!
    Sorry about your zucchini! I have gobs of them growing all over the summer garden. I left afew out all winter (there were just too many). I never thought the seeds would survice the winter. Wish we lived closer so I could give them to you!
    "Prairie Tuesday" sounds like fun! Clothespin dolls, too!
    And I think the Amish People are so delightful! I love their lifestyle! Frankie looks like he would fit right in!

  4. Nosotros tambien recibimos las tormentas pero no vinieron con hielo. Tu jardin esta creciendo tan bien...que bueno es Nuestro Senor que nos bendice por siempre, dandonos tanta abundancia en el jardin.

    Dime Marqueta, en la primera foto, esos arboles que tienes creciendo por la cerca, esos son manzanas?

    O y el berro esta creciendo tan bien!

    Gracias por invitarnos a tu jardin ;-)

    lady m

  5. Wow, Marqueta, that is a really good poem. How I hope with all my heart that we who belong to Christ will be sustained with peace, forgiveness and faith during this changing world; not to harbor disdain or anger toward those 'changing' our country. "Bless our enemies..."

  6. Marqueta,
    Could you tell me if it is easy to put music on a blog? I'd love to have some of the hymns in the background.



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