Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Audrey!

Dear Friends,

A cheerful, although drippy day to you! We are grateful for the blessing of rain, but the tomatoes are not sure about the 60 degree temperatures!

Yesterday, Audrey's "daughter" Dorothy had a birthday, and had a lovely party to celebrate:

Today we are blessed to be able to celebrate Audrey's 10th birthday. It seems a long, yet short time since we felt inspired to go with a midwife for her birth, after our not very pleasant hospital experience while having AnnaMarie. It proved to be a life-changing thing, in so many ways. We have learned so much about natural healing and lifestyles since then, yet feel we are still just beginning to learn all there is to know!

Audrey loves pink, and has been well-indulged in it today, as you can see! We were planning on an outing at the park to celebrate her special day, but Mother Nature may have other plans. Wherever we may end up, however, we pray that the Lord will shower down His blessings, as He does the rain, upon our precious girl, each day of her life.

Thank you for sharing her special day with us~

Happy birthday, Princess Audrey!




  1. Dear Marqueta,

    Happy Birthday to Princess Audrey!!! I love all of her pink gifts and books! May the Lord richly bless her always!

    Your garden is so beautiful, and so are you and your precious family! I enjoy your photos and writings so much!

    Thank you for your sweet comment!

    May the Lord watch over you and your family, too!

    Love, Paula

  2. Dear Audrey,

    Happy Birthday. Michaela and I were just speaking about the fact that it is your birthday today! Another of Michaela's friends locally has a birthday today, so two of her friends on the same day!

    You are a lovely girl! Pink is a beautiful color and you look very pretty in it.

    Happpy Birthday from all of us!

    Lynn and Michaela and all your Prairie Cousins

  3. Feliz Cumpleanos Audrey! Que nuestro Senor te coninue manteniendo sana y feliz.

    Que lindo es recibir regalos, verdad?

    lady m

  4. Happy Birthday Audrey ~Looks like she had a wonderful day despite the weather! ~What a blessing ~Heather;-)

  5. A very joyful birthday to you, Audrey! May the Lord bless you each day of your life!


    p.s. I noticed you received Jane Eyre ~ one of my very favorite stories! Enjoy!

  6. Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    It seem you enjoyed your 10th birthday party. By seeing the party pictures I can figure out how enjoyable your party was. The Barbie theme is such a marvelous idea. Wish I had one like that for my birthday party theme too.

  7. Happy, happy birthday Audrey. What a wonderful, pink birthday you have had, I want a birthday like that. You are such a blessed to the Lord, I know He is smiling down on you. Clarice

  8. how sweet! I have an audrey of my own, a beautiful little spring baby :) Hope yours had a great birthday ~


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