Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Hobbit Sighting and Disappearing Dog

"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep
But I have miles to go before I sleep"

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we went down by the river (which has been flooding lately, due to the great amount of rain) to collect rose petals and leaves to make an elixir (see here), when incredibly, we spied what looked like a hobbit, headed to Cattail Pond. Although we noticed that he was not barefoot, we do know that hobbits DO sometimes wear shoes. What do you think? Was it a hobbit, or perhaps a little strawberry blonde boy that we've seen before?

As we were getting ready to come home, having filled our baskets with roses and catnip, our naughty dog Buddy decided to disappear into the woods. We could not stay very long, it being nap time, so we drove around calling him for a while, but finally had to leave, wondering if he had fallen in the river and been taken. When we came home we called my mum and told her what happened, and she volunteered to go back and look for him. No sooner had she gone to the spot where we had last seen him, than he came walking up to her car, exhausted but none the worse for wear. As happy as we were to see him alive, we wanted to punch him in the nose at the same time!

This is the road that we normally like to walk along; too bad we didn't bring a canoe this time!

The little hobbit boy decided to come home with us at last.

And four-year old Evangeline caught this baby garter snake, all by herself!
It was a beautiful, magical thing, being in the woods on a sunny day, with cottonwood fluff drifting down like fairy dust. We took a little video of it, which of course is not quite as magical, unless you have a good imagination! We wish you could have come with us; we could have had a picnic lunch in the shade (Provided, of course, you don't mind a little cottonwood fluff in your sandwiches.).

May you find little adventures in each day as it passes.




  1. Oh, what a nice break for me to visit you on your walk while I'm taking a rest from house-cleaning!

    I loved the pictures and I totally relate to wanting to punch a wayward pet in the nose, even though we, of course, would never do such a thing.

    I'm glad the hobbit got back on track. The video was wonderful, especially because of the sweet voices I could hear. It was music!


  2. Oh how pretty it is to look up in the sky I enjoyed the video. It was nice to hear your little ones talking in the background. Glad that your dog came back from wandering. Enjoy the sunshine~Blessings Heather

  3. Que dia tan hermoso tuvistes, mi amiga!

    Los perros tiene ese habito de desaparecerser cuando uno mas los llama ;)

    Que bien que decidio regresar...

    con mucho carino,

    lady m

  4. sounds like a beautiful time, despite the dog running away.

  5. Dear Marqueta,

    I just wanted to drop in and tell you that the postman delivered a most exciting package this weekend!!

    I love the chatelaine! Michaela and I both marveled over it for a bit. I don't think I've ever seen one in real life. I'd read the word before. Thank you so much! For everything.

    This week on my days off we'll enjoy sitting down and savoring our package.



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