Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Wishes

Dear Friends,

How wonderful to see you today! I wish to honor my favorite fathers today, as well as each day of the year. Sometimes we women may become so involved with the domestic details of home, that we do not realize the sacrifices made by the men who are doing their best to provide for their families in an uncertain world. My father died when I was nine, so I have had to adopt my father-in-law for a father, and am so blessed to have his godly influence in my life. The father of my children, my husband, has been a true example of sacrificing his own wishes to provide for his family each day, for which I am blessed every hour.

Here is what I wish for my husband, as well as for all fathers, every day of the year: the "deep peace of Christ"~




  1. Oh that was so pretty sounding....Thanks for the lovely song to listen to! ~Hoping you all have a wonderful Fathers Day in your Home! ~Blessings Heather

  2. Marqueta, I enjoyed your thoughts today.


  3. Thank you sweetheart. That was a very nice video and a good reminder of where to turn to for peace in this life.


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