Friday, June 12, 2009

Wouldn't it be Wonderful. . .

If Someone loved us enough to paint the sky a hundred hues of light~

And there were flowers that reflected the blue of a cloudless sky?

And there were little insects that used those flowers to make something sweet for us to eat?

If the rains brought forth treasures from the earth~

If there were magical moments waiting to be discovered every day?

If the world smiled on you on your birthday, turning the town fountain into your favorite color~

If on a balmy day there were places of cool, tranquil beauty not too far away to escape to?

If the "weeds" we dreaded turned out to be our best friends, when our bodies were feeling run down?

If the things (and people) in the hardest shells were some of the sweetest deep inside?

May we all find the treasure that each day holds, even when we have to dig deeper, and longer than we may have thought we could.



"Go abroad
Upon the paths of Nature, and, when all
Its voices whisper, and its silent things
Are breathing the deep beauty of the world,
Kneel at its simple altar, and the God
Who hath the living waters shall be there."

~N. P. Willis


  1. It is wonderful! Some "One" did do all those things!
    What a beautiful post, Marqueta!
    Thank you for sharing and for the gentle reminder of His precious gifts everyday!

  2. Oh Marqueta, como siempre, me has dejado totalmente sin palabras.

    Que bello son tus pensamientos...cuanto amor se te ve en tus expresiones...que alegre tus ninos se ven...que felicidad tenerte como amiga.

    Gracias por escribir tan hermosas palabras!

    lady m

  3. Mi querida amiga,

    pasa por el "blog" y recibe tu "award", tu premio que yo te he dado por ser como eres...


    Lady m

  4. Dear Marqueta, I love your thoughts. What nice reminders of the care our Creator gives us.

    The pictures are great! Is that nettles I spy? Yum.

    I have a link to share with you. This herbal lady says she eats a dried pokeberry when she feels sick!



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