Monday, June 1, 2009

A Merry Birthday Celebration

Dear Friends,

Happy birthday to AnnaMarie! Yesterday (the 31st) we celebrated the 12th birthday of our first-born child, who is growing up all too fast. We are so blessed to have her with us, and have been reminded so often during her life. She was born with the cord around her neck three times and had a hard time getting started, was in an almost-fatal car accident when she was four, and became diabetic when she was eight and had to be hospitalized for a week. She has been our constant reminder of the fragile thing that life is, and that reminder has caused us to grow in ways that we would not have otherwise.

She made her own nut/date/coconut cake and banana berry "ice cream."

How angelic we look!
We had a family party at a nearby lake (Which was a little crowded for our tastes.)~

And then to a nearby pond for more quiet enjoyment.

May the Lord continue to bless and watch over you, dear and precious AnnaMarie!

Always Growing

What do you do in the ground, little seed,
Under the rain and snow,
Hidden away from the bright blue sky,
And lost to the madcap sparrow's eye?
"Why, do you not know?
I grow."

What do you do in the nest, little bird,
When the bough springs to and fro?
How do you pass the time away
From dawn to dusk of the summer day?
"What, do you not know?
I grow."

What do you do in the pond, little fish,
With scales that glisten so?
In and out of the water-grass,
Never at rest, I see you pass.
"Why, do you not know?
I grow."

What do you do in the cradle, my boy,
With chubby cheeks all aglow?
What do you do when your toys are put
Away and your wise little eyes are shut?
"Ho! Do you not know?
I grow."

Always growing! by night or day
No idle moments we see,
Whether at work or cheerful play,
Let us all be able to say,
In the goodness of God
We grow!

~From Our Little People


  1. Looks like a grand celebration!
    And all had a "swimmingly" fun time!

    Happy Day AnneMarie!

    Your photos of the pond remind me of "A Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady." Have you read the book? Or seen the movie?

    Marqueta ~ for a moment your comment startled me as I didn't know who it was from! - who is Ken? You must be using someone elses computer. Is your's still on the fritz? Hope it is well soon! :~}

    Yes, the picture and the poem I found in and old book that I purchased in an antique store in New York recently ~ the Young Americans' Speaker (1903) I actually bought it for some of the lovely images but it is "a book of choice readings and recitations for boys and girls in the home and school."
    I am wondering what book you found it in?
    Have a lovely first week of June!

    (p.s. I just love some of the "word verifications" they have for leaving a comment. Mine today is "goofwhec". The first time I've been called that! :~P

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNEMARIE! Hope you all are having a great day! Blessings, Faye

  3. Happy Birthday AnneMarie ~The cake looked Fabulous! The Lake looked like fun ....Oh they do get big so quick!~ Blessings :-)

  4. Querida Marqueta,

    Que Nuestro Senor continue bendiciondote a ti y a tu querida familia.

    Feliz Cumpleanos Anna Maria! Que lindo es tener un cumpleanos. Sabiendo todo lo que tu y tu esposo han pasado, y El los ha tenido cerqua todo este tiempo.

    Ahora, Ana Maria es casi una senorita...que felicidad!

    bendiciones mi amiga,

    lady m

  5. Happy Birthday, AnnaMarie! You have given your mommy some frights! :) I can tell she loves you, and all of you girls (and boy) so very much. You are a lovely girl and I'm glad you have made it through your close encounters! Michaela is blessed to have you as a wild west cousin!


  6. Happy, happy birthday.

    Congrats on the wonderful girl
    and your wonderful family.

    The best is yet to come.


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