Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Blog Begins~

"A Nettle a day keeps the doctor away"

Good morning, dear friends,

Wow, if you'd have told me two years ago that I would have three blogs, I probably would not have believed you! But, I started up another one yesterday, to stick my creative works to share with the world. I've posted my hobbit story, The Tale of Pippin and Katie, if you'd like to go see it.

We're enjoying beautiful, sunny weather, and trying still to catch up on all our behind-on laundry, but loving the sunshine. We forgot how warm 78 degrees feels when you're out in the sun! It seems like it should be May, not almost July.

We subscribe to Dr. Christopher's weekly email newsletter, and this week's was about avoiding the "swine flu" panic by using garlic as a preventative. Here is a link, I think you'd benefit from reading it. It gives peace of mind.

We hope that you are all enjoying your summer days, too, and that it's not too hot for all you who live in the South! Whew! Our little trailer house would be melted by now, if it were that hot here!



"According to Holy Writ, man's first calling was agriculture, or, perhaps, horticulture would better express it. Adam was placed in the Garden to till and care for it; and even after he was driven from that blissful abode and compelled to live by the sweat of his brow, he had to go back to the earth from which his body was made to sustain the life breathed into it by Jehovah."
~Major A. R. Calhoun, 1895 "How to Get on in the World"


  1. Thank you for linking your other blog I can't wait to read it later!!~ ugh swine flu my father who lives in western NY said they have had alot of people coming down with it. I love roasted garlic sounds like a plan for the weekend...I will have to check out that article as well ~Enjoy the sunshine Blessings ~Heather

  2. i am so envious of that weather! We are currently hiding indoors for another 100+ degree day. We are outdoor girls, but this weather just saps us...your blog here is so lovely! I feel like we have a lot in common :)

  3. Aqui en PA no hemos tenido mucho "Swine Flu" pero si se que en otras partes si han tenido.

    Voy a leer tus escrituras esta noche cuando este mas calmado aque en la casa.

    Aqui estamos ahora mismo en 85 grados. Pero tenemos una brisa muy deliciosa, no se siente tan caliente ;)

    bendiciones querida amiga...

    lady m

  4. Dear Marqueta, thank you for the links. I am so happy about your new blog. I hope to have some quiet moments this evening in which to read!



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