Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Midsummer Celebration

Welcome, dear friends, to our Merry Hearts Cottage today. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of our home's name, so we can remember to keep a cheerful outlook on a rainy day!

The sun is actually smiling on us at the moment, although we have been tempted to wonder if we had moved to Seattle without knowing it!

We had the opportunity of attending the local Midsummer Festival, which occurs the second Saturday of every June, at the farm of a dearly beloved family friend. This man and his family come from Swedish stock, and he is the most humble and sweet man you could meet. Plus, he plays a mean accordion! He and my father served on the Idaho Conservation League, back in the late 1960s-early 1970s, making him even dearer in our estimation.

Come along with us and meet everyone!

David Sealander, the Master of Ceremony

A plaque honoring Grandfather Sealander, who was a musician, too.

It was a thundery, rainy day on Saturday, but we headed up anyway, knowing that the kindred souls who love such rare cultural events would be there, no matter what the weather. True to form, they had set up a tent borrowed from the local S.C.A., and folks were busily making daisy wreaths and cutting juniper foliage to decorate the maypole. Some had umbrellas, and some did not, but no one complained about the weather. No one was upset that there was mud everywhere (In fact, some little boys were happy to have puddles to jump in!), and some even danced in the rain!

There were wagon rides (Good thing there was a cozy roof on top!) to be enjoyed, and lots of calves and their mothers staring at the behemoth vehicle lumbering by.

When it was time to put the pole up, the rain ceased for a bit, and all able-bodied persons manned poles and ropes to raise the symbol of summer's blessings into place. Everyone was invited to dance around the maypole, which they did, according to their abilities.

That's our able-bodied Mr. Graham in the foreground!

A little band played polkas and traditional Swedish music, and everyone exhibited a true sense of small-town openness one to another. There was even a little playground for the children to enjoy.

We took a little nature walk while the older girls made daisy chains, and reveled in the magic of woods mingled with the volcanic deposits on the farm.

"Look at all this catnip! 'Twould be a pity to let it go to waste!"

We'll have to make a return trip when the weather is a bit warmer, and explore all the little fairy places we spied.

Thank you for sharing in our special day; having our friends along makes life even more wonderful!

Till next time,




"Thus happened it to Mabel
On that midsummer day,
And these three fairy blessings
She took with her away.

'Tis good to make all duty sweet,
To be alert and kind:
'Tis good, like little Mabel,
To have a willing mind!"


  1. Oh Marqueta, asi sea que el dia estuvo con mucha lluvia, se ve que los ninos y ustedes tuvieron un buen tiempo.

    Es tan bueno tener vecinos que celebran contingo, verdad?

    Como siempre, amiga mia, es un placer ser invitada a tu casa...

    con mucho carino,

    lady m

    ps: los "links" hacerca de la yerbas medicinales los acabo de encontrar en tu "site"...gracias :)

  2. My sweet friend, looks like you all had a great time! Hope you have a great week! Love, Faye

  3. Hello, Marqueta!
    What a splendid time you all had dispite the rain. (We have had very little rain, considering we live so near Seattle! Actually, Western Washington recieves far less rain than outsiders think. We just don't want them to know and move here! It's our little secret! ;~} )
    So many fun things for all to do; a May pole, making daisy chains, nature walks, dancing! I would even love to join Frankie splashing in the puddles! The rain doesn't bother me ~ I am from the Pacific Northwest after all!
    I do wish we had a few more thunder storms, though. I find them exillerating!
    Thank you for sharing your day of fun. I always come away from your cottage (blog) with a Merry Heart!
    p.s. What do you do with catnip besides tea? I have not tried catnip tea as of yet ~ only dry the leaves for my cats and make toys with it.

  4. Wow what a wonderful day.......I keep forgetting that it has not been as warm as it has been down here in Miami. I was shocked to see all the sweaters. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures we enjoyed looking at them and sharing with your family on such a nice day ~Blessings ~Heather

  5. Dear Marqueta, it looks like a wonderful time! I would love to be around the plants like that. I love that American spirit, too -- going on in spite of rain!

    The pictures of you and your family are beautiful.



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