Monday, February 23, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes to the Father of Our Country

Dear Reader,

Thank you for stopping by today.

My, it was a busy weekend, starting Friday night, with the wallpapering job of the century! We were so busy that we forgot to celebrate Washington's birthday yesterday (Besides it was Sunday, with its attendant Sabbath-day duties, you know). We plan to spend this week reading stories and poems about Washington, and for our copywork we have chosen "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive" by Scott. This is to help us remember that honesty was Washington's policy!

Why is Frankie laughing? Could it be he's remembering . . .

How much fun it was to watch everyone (and everything) get covered in wallpaper paste?

And Mother's stylish bandana and apron?

And Tasha's hair, that wishes it had a bandana on?
I must say, it was quite the experience (One for the books!); I hope I remember the next time I put up heavy vinyl wallpaper to make the paste extra thick, and perhaps I'll even iron the wallpaper before applying it, to get rid of all the little waves that refuse to go away!

I'm sure that making the wallpaper paste will stick (pun intended) in everyone's memories, though!

If we manage to get everything cleaned up (And our muscles unstiff) after this mess, er, project, we'll be sure to post pictures of how pretty the finished wall looks!

On a different note, we purchased a "new" periodical from eBay, the June 1906 "Housewife Magazine", which is a real gem! We'll share a few articles and notes with you, starting with this one (Which somehow seems fitting at our house right now!):

Don't Talk of Your Health

If you are not very well don't talk about it.

To do so only exaggerates your consciousness of physical discomfort; also it casts a shadow of gloom over other people. They grow hesitant about asking you how you feel. It gives them cold chills to be continually told that you are "not very well" or "not so well" or "about the same."

Do you know that a good deal of this is imagination? If you braced up and told people cheerily that you felt tiptop nine chances in ten you would feel tiptop pretty soon. You'd forget the ailing habit.

Don't let yourself become a slave to such a miserable little absorber of health and happiness as the perpetual habit of "not feeling well."


  1. Dear Mama,
    Oh, Wasn't It Fun Putting Up Wallpaper?:)
    Frankie Is So Cute When He Is Laughing!!!
    The Wallpaper Paste Was Very Sticky!!!:) The Wallpaper Looks Pretty On The Walls:)
    I Love You And I Like You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Oh, my Marqueta~
    What a fun post! From stylish clothing and hair-do's to heavy wallpaper and too thin paste, looks like it was a success! Can't wait to see the results of your efforts.
    Loved the article from the magazine. Very timely, for me at least.
    Thank you for sharing your busy weekend with us.

  3. Marqueta, I love the picure of little Frankie laughing! He is so adorable. The wall papering looks fun. Reminds me of some of the projects I've tackled with kids helping! Oh the memories. I can't wait to see the finished room!


  4. Dear Mama,
    I Like The Post!
    I Forgot To Say How Much I Love Your Blog!!!!
    I Love You And I Like You!!!!!!!!!


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