Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun with Japanenglish

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Good Monday morning to you! Here is some sheer silliness we thought you might like. We were going to buy some scalp-massaging brushes on eBay, when we came across one from Japan. We thought we'd share with the description the poor Japanese person came up with (While probably consulting their Japanese/English dictionary!). Enjoy!

Hair: All type

Condition: Brand New

Material: ASA resin and elastomeric system heatproof temperature of styrene: 60

Size: 6.7cm in length ×10.4cm in width ×4.0cm in height

Item Description:

To the scalp with hair brushes with modified handles in cleanness. It is a brush only for the massage and the cleansing scalp caring. Shampoo, it Comfortable stimulation is given to the scalp, and it is feeling refreshed clean with massage it. It is a brush only for the scalp caring. The point of the brush that divides into four firmly obtains the scalp. The scalp is massaged in elasticity when it is moderate none and the sebum and the dirt blocked in pores not dropped easily by the tip of a finger though it unties are removed smoothly. Moreover, because it is possible to wash in removing the brush part with the possession person, it is possible to use it cleanly. Please use it for the scalp when you shampoo it every day.

How to use

1. To encompass the possession person part by one of palms, it grasps firmly.

2. Please massage it to press the tip of the brush against the scalp lightly, and to shake the scalp while moving it to the front, back, left and right.

- We will encourage to massage it to move the brush to the part where the hair loss is anxious little by little, and to vibrate the scalp.

- It is more effective when using it when shampooing it in "DHC scalp cleansing shampoo".

- It is possible to use it even, except when shampooing it.

Maintenance method

Please remove the brush part with the possession person, often rinse of each by water or lukewarm water, cut the water, and keep it cleanly after use.

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  1. You send the link to this item to Jay Leno.

  2. Huh! Made perfect sence to me!

  3. Dear Mami,
    I Love You!!!
    I Like The Post,--But,I Don't Understand It!!!!:)
    I Love You And I Like You!!!


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