Monday, February 9, 2009

We "Whist" We Had Been There!

Dear Reader,

This is an excerpt from "The Ladies World", February 1895. This would be so lovely for a Valentine's get-together!

"Rose Whist"

For the benefit of the readers, I will describe a very pretty and dainty party called a rose whist party, and it may possibly help some of them to solve that difficult question of how to successfully entertain a number of guests.

The invitations were on pink paper and announced that rose whist was to be the order of the evening. Upon starting the game of progressive whist was that the regular game of progressive whist was played, with the exception that each one kept account for himself of all the red cards which he took, and at the end, the one fortunate enough to possess the largest number of red cards took the prize. The prizes were all something pertaining to the rose; numerous articles can be thought of, such as rose bowls, rose candlesticks, rose sachets and bottles of rose perfumery, etc. four large, full-blown roses lay on each card table at the beginning of the game; their long stems and green leaves, together with their fragrance, added greatly to the enjoyment of the party. Most of the young men were gallant enough to present theirs to their fair partners.

Tally cards of pink paper with pink pencils attached were used to keeping the score. The ices served were pink and white, and the table in the dining-room was gracefully draped with pink ribbons and decorated with bowls of roses; in fact, roses were in profusion throughout the various rooms. Silver dishes holding pink and white bon-bons were also placed on each card table.

This is a very pretty party, and one's own ingenuity can suggest many features to make it a success.

~Alice E. Greenleaf



A Valentine

By Susie M. Best

(Ladies World)

A valentine I'll send my sweet,
I'll send my sweet a valentine,
She'll know I love her by the sign.

I'll have no need to speak and tell
How in my heart she reigns a queen,
She'll know the truth, she'll know it well,
Soon as my valentine is seen.

My offering shall be a heart
Pierced by a shaft of Cupid's bow-
It will not need a wizard's art
The meaning of the gift to show.

I'll likewise send her roses red,
Tied with a lover's knot of blue;
The roses symbol love, 'tis said,
The ribbon pledges "I'll be true!"

When next we meet, my sweet and I,
She will not be amazed, I wis,
If I should capture her and try]
To steal from her a little kiss.

A valentine I'll send my sweet,
Yes, I will send a valentine;
She'll know her conquest is complete,
She'll know I love her by the sign.


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