Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Your Heart

Dear Reader,

Thank you for coming by today-we've brewed a big pot of peppermint tea, just for you!

I feel impressed to share a little information on heart health today, in the hopes that it will benefit someone here. Of course, you know, I'm no doctor, just an "herbwife", so please keep that in mind!

The information I'm going to share is mostly from my studies at the School of Natural Healing (Dr. Christopher):

Dr. Christopher recommended that everyone take cayenne pepper (Believe it or not) every day for heart health, since cayenne equalizes the blood pressure. He took about a tablespoon in water, three times a day, but I've never quite mastered that skill! If I can get one half of a teaspoon down, once a day, I call it good. I usually mix the cayenne with a little water in one glass, then have another glass of water handy to chase it down. I swirl the cayenne and water around till it's mixed, hold my breath, swallow it down, then grab my water and gulp, gulp, gulp! Doesn't that sound fun? One actually does become accustomed to it in a short while, and you can work up from a fourth of a teaspoon, if need be. Of course, you can take your cayenne in capsules, but make sure you drink at LEAST a full glass of water, or it will feel nice and warm in your throat for quite a while. My absolute favorite dosage of cayenne, however, is a good homemade salsa with a nice pinch of it for heat.

"If you think I'M taking this, you're crazy!"

If someone were having a heart attack, Dr. Christopher would recommend placing one tablespoon of cayenne in a cup of very warm water, and have the person drink it all down. He said he never lost a heart attack patient that way.

The wonder herb of heart tonics is hawthorn berry. It can be eaten fresh (If you can find some in your area), taken as a tea, tincture, or (our favorite) made into a syrup. sells a pre-made Dr. Christopher brand syrup, at a good price (If you've ever tried making the syrup yourself, you'll understand why it's pricey!). It will rebuild the heart, no matter which type of heart disease a person may have.

Hawthorn Berries

Vitamin E also rebuilds the heart muscle (And all other muscle tissue.). The best natural source is a good, organic wheat germ oil, which is less expensive by the bottle, but also available in capsules. One should take a few tablespoons a day (Putting it in grape juice helps get it down.). Whole, sprouted wheat is also wonderful to eat for heart health, as the sprouting makes the wheat more digestible.

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is another heart herb which I discovered lately through an article written by my father, of all places. The best way to take it would be either capsules or tea, three times a day.


Garlic is another food-herb (Stick some in that salsa with your cayenne!), that we couldn't do without. Garlic is wonderful for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. If you've never cared for garlic, get some good organic garlic powder and begin with just a small amount in your salads, salsas, etc., till you can out-do any good Italian. Some people try to eat as much as seven fresh cloves a day (We would recommend making friends with those Italians we just talked about if you do!).

I think that all these wonderful heart-foods do make miracles happen, but I believe that the most important thing you can do for your heart is to learn to love and forgive everyone and everything in your life. Fear is the contributing emotion for heart attacks, and of course anger leads to cancers (Though of course we're not saying that everyone who has cancer is angry, nor that everyone with heart difficulty is fearful!).

I pray that you will be blessed by knowing these simple remedies that have improved many people's lives.




  1. Dear Mami,
    I Like This Post, And I Like The Pictures,Too!:)
    I Love You!!
    I Love You And I Like You!!!:]

  2. Marqueta, thank you for sharing that information.

    I take motherwort and hawthorn, and I love fresh infusions from early spring to late fall.


  3. Lynn,

    I'm so glad you're one step ahead of me! Your heart should be quite happy!

  4. I see you're from Idaho. Me too. I have a friend that runs a campground in Crouch. He swears by Hawthorn berry (do you know they belive these are the branches that were made into the "Crown of Thornes"). Anyway, he makes into a kind of jam. It tastes really good. I'm not sure if he sweetens it or not. The buses grow wild all over his campground. I have berry stains on my camp chairs from falling berries.

    I love your blog and I wish I could follow some of your suggestions. I have had a heart transplant so any of that stuff is off limits since they do not know how the herbs and anything taken in larger than normal doses (like the cayene) could interfere with immunosuppresents.

    Well, that's a little too much info. I will be following your blog.

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